No taskbar or start menu – Solution

start menu

In this post, we explain what you should do if you do not see the taskbar or the start menu. To solve this problem, the first thing to know is that the taskbar is made up of the start menu and the Windows Explorer. These three are running under the explorer.exe process.

That said all you have to do is open the task manager. You can open it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

You will see the blue screen, select the option that says “Task Manager“. In the menu click where it says “File” and then click “Execute new task“.

Task Manager

Then it will open a new box in it writes “explorer.exe” or “explorer” in either way is ok. A box under the marks and then click “OK“.

Task Manager

Once this is done the taskbar will appear again and a folder may also open.

The explorer command can also be opened by running Windows

Taskbar does not appear when restarting PC

If the taskbar still does not appear when restarting the computer or when you open many programs, for example, you must start to look for the root of the problem doing the explained below.

  • Scan your computer. Scan your PC with a properly updated antivirus so that you check if that problem happens to you by some virus or malware that can be a cause of this failure. You can read this article in relation to that topic What is the best antivirus?
  • Check the programs you have installed. In programs and control panel features make sure you do not have suspicious programs installed which can cause your operating system not to function properly.
  • Check the programs that start with Windows. In the task manager in the “Start” tab, you can see the programs that start with Windows. Some of them that are unnecessary could negatively affect the functioning of your system. There you have the option to disable such programs.
  • Pass the Adware Cleaner to your computer.  Adware Cleaner is a free program that searches for and removes junk files and programs from your computer. Doing so may solve many problems of operation and slowness. The taskbar does not appear in many cases because of malfunctions. You can download the Adware Cleaner from this link.

If after doing this the taskbar still does not appear in the comments in your case, we will try to help you.