Nokia OZO | A Spherical Chamber With Eight Sensors

Nokia OZO | A Spherical Chamber With Eight Sensors -
Nokia OZO | A Spherical Chamber With Eight Sensors -

That Nokia intends to redo phones, it seems even normal. Nor is anyone surprised the appearance of an Android tablet as N1 , which itself takes us on the wrong foot – and that there were rumors – is to see who dare to virtual reality , specifically with content creation.

That comes into play Nokia OZO , a spherical camera designed to record contained in 360 degrees – both video and audio – with the intention of being a source of content for the burgeoning virtual reality helmets.

Nokia Look Around You Virtual Reality Project

It is the first we see a spherical chamber – Explorer , Panono , Sphericam 2 – do we believe that will be the last, as there is much to be done in this field. The proof is that companies like Google or GoProwant to ride real platforms for content creation.

With the sale of the mobile division at Microsoft, Nokia is going to devote to their maps, network infrastructure and “advanced”. With OZO have a first fruit for the last section

Hollywood Road

Nokia’s proposal points to the professional sector , rather than domestic, as Ozo is presented as a tool for filmmakers, who will move into a five-figure price. Let’s take a look at the video presentation:

Nokia OZO has eight sensors distributed in the circular surface, with eight independent lenses – generously sized – and as many microphones. As you can see from the pictures, we have a handle design that breaks the circle, and we understand that will serve as a fastener.

Viewing the contents quickly

The sound is also recorded at 360 degrees. If a dog barking behind us, so pick the eight microphones

There are two points that make it interesting to make large “virtual” production solution. The first is that you can see in real time what is recording what they call “live monitoring “.

The second is the possibility of a rapid reproduction of the recording – 360 degrees – as the camera generateslow-resolution copy of the recording. Normally it could take many minutes to see something that looks like a final result.

There are specialized recording studios in virtual reality, as Jaunt VR , which have already expressed interest in using OZO. Curiously, the recording shows have been running on helmets Oculus Rift and HTC lives.

The Finnish company has not revealed more about the technical specifications of the creature, just we know it will become a real product in the last quarter of this year . We will follow the steps, for now we have a new video of the product within six days.

Nokia  OZO  |  A Spherical Chamber With Eight Sensors -

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