Nothing drives in Microsoft's next console, only digital downloads -
Nothing drives in Microsoft's next console, only digital downloads -

The launch of the Xbox One was a nonsense. Microsoft committed various errors of communication and product definition that made the PS4 sales cogiera an advantage that could have been avoided altogether. That is what has allowed Robbie Bach, who was head of the Xbox division and also confessed those mistakes also talked about how they have learned for the future.

Although Bach left Microsoft in 2010, their comments make clear that decisions such as the mandatory inclusion of Kinect, the role of the media role, the hypothetical 24-hour internet connection or confusion on the issue of DRM and second-hand games did much damage to that release, but this executive says the company has learned from its mistakes and is very likely that things will change much in the future console, leave the physical format to adopt the model of digital downloads.


The future Xbox replicate the model of Steam

It is likely that in the future new iteration of the Microsoft console have DVDs or Blu-rays (or physical format that dominates the market at that time) for games, something that was raised for the Xbox One but that was discarded before the reviews of users and industry. This model raised many interesting advantages and theoretically share the virtues of popular models like Steam, but everything was finally abandoned to adopt the conservative model based on the disks, though, they are combined in a while with digital downloads.

Nothing drives in Microsoft's next console, only digital downloads -

That miscommunication caused a much stronger sales by the Sony console boot, according to Bach but this is a long distance race”. These competitions between consoles last 5, 6, 7, 8 years I think the Xbox One has left all that [criticism] in the past. They are gaining share and volume … how amazing is that the console market is larger than it has been previously.”

The truth is that the console Microsoft is gaining ground and have weighed heavily in this decision in recent months such as not necessarily have to include Kinect prices-or-finally such prominent features as are equal to playing some Xbox 360 games thanks to a new way of backward compatibility. The battle, as Bach says, has only just begun, and both contenders will surely reserve more surprises in the future.

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