What to do when the Numeric keypad does not work? – Solution

mouse settings

Sometimes the situation happens in which the numeric keypad of the laptop does not work. It remains as if it is disabled or sound plays on keystrokes and is not activated by pressing the num lock keypad button (Num Lock).

This tutorial explains how to solve the keyboard problem only when it is inconvenient with the numeric keypad, bone, the number keys that are on the right side of the keyboard. If your case is another I recommend you search the appropriate tutorial using the search engine on this page.

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It is always thought that the keyboard is damaged, but mostly it is not. In this article, we explain how to activate the numerical keyboard.

Steps to activate the numeric keypad

Go to Start and then click on “Settings“.

How to put the laptop as a hotspot with Windows 10

Then when you enter the Windows configuration look for “Mouse Setting“.

mouse settings

Then leave off the option that says “Use the numeric keypad to move the mouse on the screen”.

Use the numeric keypad to move the mouse on the screen

When you do, you can use the numeric keypad normally.

If you have another version of Windows, go to control panel instead of going to configuration and doing the same process.

What if the numeric keypad still does not work?

If for some reason your numeric keypad does not work you can still:

  • Repair Windows 10. This in most cases solves the problem.
  • Restore the system.
  • Try restarting the computer.
  • Understand that possibly your keyboard is damaged due to some physical problem caused by a hit or fall.
  • If it is a desktop computer, change the keyboard.
  • If it is a laptop take it to a laptop repair technician.