Obtain Australian residency through the Marriage to Australian | Australia Immigration - tinoshare.com
Obtain Australian residency through the Marriage to Australian | Australia Immigration - tinoshare.com

Many people looking for their ideal mate outside their country in the hope of finding love and a better future. Women from various countries subscribe to matchmaking sites on the internet hoping to find a foreign man who understands and has good feelings.

If you had the luck to pick up an Australian and now you want to know the most important step in your relationship, this article interested you. We’ll show you as a visa for residence in Australia with Australian marriage. Find out how to do this procedure and live with your husband in Australia. [Australia Immigration]

The government of Australia grants visas to persons who are married to an Australian citizen. These are called marriage visas or de facto relationships and there are three different types:

Visa for married couples

Women who marry an Australian citizen in your country of origin or in Australia are benefited with this type of visa. This benefit also applies to those who are united in marriage to a permanent resident of Australia.

To apply for this visa, the wives of Australian citizens must present immigration documents proving that your marriage is legal in your country. Applications from people who have lived for more than a year in the country of origin of immigrants and immigrant women for those who expect an Australian and children who are currently living in are also accepted Australian territory.

The procedure for this type of visa lasts on average 6 months. One of the advantages of obtaining this visa is that after two years of relationship can apply for permanent residency visa.

Visas for future husband / w

People who have a relationship of more than one year with Australian citizen can apply for this type of temporary visa. This visa must be requested at the embassy of Australia by the Australian immigration or citizen with his partner.

You can also apply for permanent residents of this country to have a foreign partner. The purpose of this visa is to ensure that the couple will marry in Australia. As a temporary visa, he enjoins the couple to marry in a period not exceeding nine months, if they become married, was granted the visa for married couples.

You can access the permanent residence visa after two straight years of marriage or family formation.




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