Olio | This Is How Google & Apple Must Do The SmartWatch

Olio | This Is How Google & Apple Must Do The SmartWatch - tinoshare.com
Olio | This Is How Google & Apple Must Do The SmartWatch - tinoshare.com

As it complicated as a brave appear in a market where  a large companies and consumer electronics are moving all its machinery, in a move that can even become a problem for traditional watchmaking firms, which try to adapt to the new wave.

The guys at Olio watch tread firm and come with one SmartWatch that focuses on design and quality of materials, accompanied by a software platform that goes from being born and established in recent months: Wear Android , Apple Watch and Pebble .

The claim has worked, or at least is what we interpret to know they have received an investment of $ 10 million – from New Enterprise Associates – with which we can give a good push to the manufacture of Olio. Also take the opportunity to tell us that there will be a ready-made gold version.

That said, Olio clock is striking in its design, it can see in the literature accompanying the news, but inside there is a proprietary operating system , which unfortunately do not have too much information.

Standing outside the big platforms is complicate your life with new applications and updates, but also a way to have everything under control. His idea goes through to create a watch that is not so dependent on mobile phones.

A new model of gold

On the new golden version that we have used gold 24K – two conventional or pink versions – with a designed leather strap. The price of this version rises to $ 1,200, which is twice what we would pay for the basic model, made of steel.

There is one last option for putting on the belt passes plated, which raises us the price to $ 1,400 . In the following gallery you can see different variations:

Olio Model1 Steel On Steel


It now seems clear that the clocks will reach the market before the end of the year, and we accept reservations. The philosophy that wants to sell its CEO, Steve Jacobs , is that they create smart for those who do not want another watch on your wrist, and want high quality and design watches.

For those interested curiosity, to comment that the developers and creators of Olio are former employees of Pixar, Apple and Movado . The company was founded in 2013 and has its trading post in San Francisco.


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