OnePlus Answers For Two: Will Be Smaller, Larger Battery and No SD

OnePlus Answers For Two: Will Be Smaller, Larger Battery and No SD -
OnePlus Answers For Two: Will Be Smaller, Larger Battery and No SD -

The guys OnePlus have been this afternoon on Reddit answering questions from fans to the brand, about the launch of the second version of its flagship, planned for the 27th of this month.

While it is clear that they will not reveal all the details about its release, it seems to have proposed to keep us abreast of this second model until the day it becomes official. Among the responses we have two good data: will be smaller than the original and larger battery .

It seems that the OnePlus Two be smaller . To prove it, they have posted this in which we see a OnePlus One image, below which assure us that there is a OnePlus 2. This does not automatically meant that the second model will have a smaller screen, but they may have done a good job in reducing the terminal edges.

OnePlus One Two
David, OnePlus team says that under this One is a OnePlus 2.

Its battery will be slightly higher, with 3,300 mAh capacity . These are just 200 mAh improvement if it is not too much, always feel good when talking about autonomy.

Regarding availability, it seems that the imminent rise in price of 2 with respect to the original OnePlusnot imply a of a sudden elimination of the invitation system or access to the gradual stock. Emmanuel, the OnePlus team, has confirmed that they have a new system of improved invitations.


“Our first followers will be prioritized”


It is unknown whether the system is enhanced by the part of production capacity for OnePlus 2, but somehow it seems that buyers of the first version will have some kind of early invitation enabling them to have the terminal before the rest of threatening.


No microSD or wireless charging

Another detail that seems to have been implicitly confirmed is the absence of a microSD card reader . When asked a member of Reddit whether the OnePlus 2 would see a slot of these cards, David replied that “it seems that the trend is to store more and more information in the cloud, so that it is accessible from anywhere, no? “.

It is possible, anyway, to surprise us after all this slot, although it seems unlikely because the original model lacks it and the difference in versions for storage is not too bulky (which does happen in other brands).

Also on the question of whether feature wireless charging, the team’s response has been that it is a “not very efficient” technologies still being too slow.It seems that the guys at OnePlus have chosen to ‘invest’ thickness in those extra 200 mAh, instead of the wireless chip load.


Proud of the design in 2, the One will continue selling

Sections in which they have not given specific details but promising improvements in the more interesting are its camera and its operating system, OS Oxygen. As for the first, they confirm that it is one of the main priorities of the brand. As for the OS they recognize that Oxygen is ‘still on the bones’ on stock Android but there will be little tweaks own brand and added interesting . Details? It was not until the 27th to concerlos.

David, OnePlus team, said that the party of which they are most proud with this device is definitely its design and build quality . Says it is “a big step” from the One.

They claim that this second version will be versions by region, to deal better with LTE bands worldwide.Of course, in Spain we will not have major problems and the three bands are currently deployed.

Source | Reddit