Online English Courses – methods for learning English

Online English courses

In this article I will explain some English courses that I recommend and also which are the best English courses that if you spend time at least in one of them, you will learn English in a few months, 90% of the learning depends on you.

Before mentioning the courses it is important that you try to practice your English with people who know the language or participate in communities, seminars, programs that speak English, for example, Yahoo Answers in English or social networks that are in English.

It is also important that before starting to take an English course you have a dictionary and you will learn the most common verbs and words like parts of the house, body parts, name of appliances, name of clothes, among other things, so that Your learning in English is faster and easier.

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Courses and methods to learn English are many, however, on the Internet there are excellent methods to learn English from the comfort of your home which I explain below.

Duolingo course

This is a very famous online English course, it is a web page that from this web you have the course in your hands, totally free, have a huge community of people like you are learning English with which you share ideas and knowledge.

In addition, they send you a daily reminder to your email in order to remember the daily tasks that you must do in the course. I tried it and it is very good and if you devote time and effort you learn fast.


Rosetta Stone Course

This is not a page, it is a program that you download to the computer, with this you learn English easier since the method they use is very feasible for anyone, the method is called immersion, with this method you not only learn to speak English, but also to think in English.

In addition they have a voice recognition system with which you practice saying phrases and the program evaluates if what you say is correctly pronounced, the levels are downloaded separately from the program, also note that with Rosetta Stone you learn not only English, but a lot Of languages they have available, an excellent course really.


YouTube Courses

On YouTube in many channels that are only dedicated to teaching English, once I tried it, they are very effective and practical.

English Town course

These at the beginning you test your level of English and according to the level where you stay from there, you start your course.

Remember that most of the success to learn English is up to you, the courses will not teach you English by magic or from nothing, you have to dedicate time and effort and you will surely learn.


ABA English

According to the method, they offer you learn English naturally as if you were abroad, you see how your learning progresses through tests and results, English you are learning levels and is highly recommended.


Busuu Online English Course

Its course is very interactive and dynamic, have it directly on your website, also has an excellent design, teach you from the most basic to the most advanced and has very good opinions of people, have a free version and a premium version.


Babel English Course

This course teaches how to speak English like the native speaker, have pronunciation practices, also put videos to practice and test pronunciation, focus on speaking the language, they say they have more than 100 teachers and more than 4 million Of satisfied students and more than 30 years of experience in the subject.


Open English course

This is a simple course, however, it is very used today and is very good, if you dedicate time and effort, with this site you can learn basic, intermediate and advanced English in months, also according to say you are given a certificate of your learning.