Open the garage with mobile or smart watch | it is already possible

Open the garage with mobile or smart watch | it is already possible -
Open the garage with mobile or smart watch | it is already possible -

ParkingDoor is one of the first projects selected by Kickstarter after its official opening , made a few days ago. This, allowing open garages from the mobile, without controls or keys, consists of a small device that connects to the current system user opening the garage without any connection. It is installed on the garage door and communicates with the mobile user will have to download an app free for this purpose, via Bluetooth 4.0. This app is available for iOS and Android-based devices and for wearables as the Pebble or the Apple Watch watches.

The good thing about this initiative is that not only gives access to the master of the house but also to friends, family members and occupants permanently, for hours, days or weeks. Is the user who sets the parameters and the system gives you the details of who has entered or left and when. The user can also delete permission to access your garage such persons at any time immediately and automatically. “We have thought of a solution for condominiums, hotels, and owners or managers of parking spaces in general, by which they can manage access to their parking spaces without the need to issue access cards, copy controls, keys, etc. And with a centralized and accessible from any device connected to the Internet “control say its promoters.

The creator of this project is Enrique Dominguez, computer engineer who has founded several Internet companies in Spain as the booking portal top restaurants, classified portal and portal that provides SaaS services to hotels called

Parkingdoor to become a reality and be funded is necessary to get at least 30,000 euros before June 30 by selling equipment for installation at the entrances to the garages.

Globally Kickstarter raised in 2014 about $ 529 million of 3.3 million users to 22,552 projects.