How to open or use ISO files in Windows 10 – Solution + tips + apps


ISO files are copy images of a disk/cd, in other words, they are the exact copy of a CD or DVD, which can be used for many purposes, from saving or backing music that we like, to allowing to run operating systems from USB devices.

They are also used by people who have their damaged CD or DVD players to install games, but not everyone knows how to use these virtual disks. Today you will learn how to use a program that will allow you to access and use these ISO files with the program DAEMON TOOLS LITE compatible with Windows 10 and its previous versions, which you can download its free or paid version at the following link

What we are going to do is basically insert our virtual disk .iso into a virtual DVD reader to simulate the process and to access the information or execute the saved program for that we will use the DAEMON TOOLS LITE. Just follow these steps:

1.-Open the program:

After the installation of DAEMON TOOLS LITE we will open the program, this basically simulates a DVD player.


2.-Use the .ISO

Now locate our file and drag it to the program to appear in the “Image Catalog”



3.-Mount the image.

Now we double click to make the image to be mounted and the icons of the next image appear.


4.-Go to My Computer.

At the moment of entering my PC we can see that we have a new virtual Rom drive ready to use as if it were a normal disk.



This way you can use your ISO files without a problem.