Opening Your Own Craft Business From Free | Tips For Starting an Arts & Crafts Business


The crafts today are one of the most profitable and successful business for its low costs on materials.

In this time when many girls and young mothers looking for a business idea to support their family economy, a craft store is the perfect choice.

Want to know what the best part is?

You can work from home and spend all the time you want.

But starting a business is not always easy, especially when you start a small one.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of money to open a physical location where to sell these crafts, and have no budget for promotion to attract customers to purchase the product. (Besides, if your product is cute and attractive; the customers will come and purchase automatically after just a small free share on social media). Yes, after just a small promotion in social media, social pages or groups especially entitled for crafts.

But today I’ll teach you an easy and FREE way to open your own shop crafts and sell them through the immense power of one of the largest social networks in the world: Facebook. (I will attach a video at the bottom of this article so that you will know the steps and you will know more on this).



A practical example: Daniela

The best way to learn to open your craft store in Facebook is a practical example: the Daniela.

Daniela is a young Colombian woman like you dream of starting her own business.

After reading an article at Genanci (The Spanish Website of Making Money TIPS) about how to make money from home, Daniela has decided to turn her hobby into a business crafts.



But there is a problem.!

Daniela can not afford to rent a small shop where she can display and sell accessories she made to customers. She, not even have a little money to build a website where she can show her creations.

Is there any way that Daniela could open her craft online or offline business without money? Yes, there is!


With a Facebook page it is absolutely possible and I will teach you how to create one in a minute. Before let me explain what these pages are.


What is a page in a Facebook?

A Facebook page is like a web page within this social network that lets you show to everyone your crafts.

In it, you can upload photos of your beautiful creations and customers can comment on the photos of the products directly or send a private message to buy them.

The best part is that a Facebook page is very easy to create and manage and secure you to have an experience using this network.

And it is absolutely free!

Creating a Facebook page for your small business

I will guide you (and Daniela) through six simple steps to create a new Facebook page for your small business craft.

In order for me to go step by step and make this article long, it is better and easy for me and you to watch of how to do it.




Your Facebook page is finished. Now you can see your small online business!

I guess you spend a lot of time on Facebook. Why not spend a little less time chatting with friends, and invest in growing your business and crafts with your page?

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  1. This is great info, thank you! I’ve been wanting to make my own business, but it’s hard dedicating the time in money to it when both are a limited resource. Starting online would be a great way to get things going, so I’ll be sure to check out those links you shared.