How To Optimize A Website To Get More Sales

How To Optimize A Website To Get More Sales -

The e-commerce market is very competitive. But your competitors are not your only problem. If you are losing customers or your users never get to convert, it may be bad for optimizing your own site.

Here we propose a series of questions that will help you to find out if you are optimizing your page correctly:

1. Is your website easy to navigate?

Online users do not usually have a lot of patience. A bad navigation and slow speed are two of the main reasons for leaving a page. The key to avoid this is to keep your design simple page.

  • Eliminates categories and confusing labels and avoid abuse tabs.
  • To that distractions are minimized, create a clear call to action and avoid invasive colors.
  • Get rid of excessive text and say goodbye to any image that does not help explain your services.

Most visitors simply cast an eye over the information, so adding dashes or highlights will help them better understand and grasp the main ideas of what you want to convey. This is one of the key points to optimize a site correctly.

2. Compelling CTA?

The design of your page manages to capture the attention of visitors, however, is the copy that finally convinces a person to click on a banner.

  • Tell your customer what to do.
  • Write specific action-oriented phrases.
  • Include words that cause emotions to arouse their interest.

3. Do you have a live chat?

90% of customers considered useful live chats since resolved their doubts immediately.

For a live chat function, you must prepare your staff for you to answer a series of frequently asked questions. All should be well informed about the product and where to find the best solution.

If used tactfully, a live chat can guide customers through the process. It is important that those responsible for the chat empathize with the customer, so they help humanize your brand.

Moreover, the cost per interaction live chat is lower than phone or email, so you will reduce the need to hire more staff.

4. How effective are your A / B testing?

You must make a record of your experiments A / B. This way your team can monitor what’s working and what needs to be tested again.

The key to testing A / B function are:

  • Run tests at least one month to ensure the accuracy of the results.
  • Do not stop monitoring site performance.
  • Testing at the right time and avoid seasonal periods.
  • Be clear about what your KPIs.

I will attach a video below to describe this step further. Have a look at it later.

5. Do your products or services are backed by former clients?

Include testimonials from former clients on a website increases sales by 34%, helping to increase consumer confidence. The statements of influential people also work very well, the only thing to keep in mind is that these influencers are relevant to your target audience.

To increase the effectiveness of these statements add a photographs/images. Studies report that the testimonies with images of the characters add a lot more credibility to his words.

6. Do you offer free samples?

People do like to try new things without taking too many risks. Dispel the doubts of your customers with a free trial of your service for 14 days without obligation, or send free samples of new products with every purchase.

This type of “gifts” are those who make a difference to the consumer when opting for your business or that of your competition.