How to overcome barriers to interpersonal communication?

How to overcome barriers to interpersonal communication -

Interpersonal communication is the sending and receiving of messages between two or more people.

Everyone communicates in life and work, however, there may be other barriers that distort the message. People should be able to identify obstacles and find ways to eliminate them in order to improve the flow of communication. Learn some techniques or by using proper preparation can help people customize their communications to provide care and enhance the message.

Select the correct channel. There are a number of communication channels, even if they are not all appropriate use. For example, say “Hi”, through an email is much less sympathetic to say face to face.

Using the right language when sending messages. Receive public may have different origins.The use of words and the right tone can help avoid sending a message to a technical audience more familiar with technical terms.

Participate in active listening. Rather than focusing on how to respond to the person while listening or reading a message, effective communicators actively listen and then formulate their response.

Avoid the confusion of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication includes physical reactions to send or receive a message. Other parts may be confused when nonverbal language suggests that the sender or listener does not care about the message.

Look for answers. Responses allow clarification of the messages, if necessary. This also helps to improve the future of communication because the sender knows that there are some barriers to some receivers.