How to Overcome Fear of Criticism (5 Steps)

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

Look at yourself now. The only reason you are not living the life you want is that you are afraid of what others think. Or what is the same, you are afraid of criticism.

You may invent all sorts of excuses not to see reality, but do not fool yourself, if you are not happy with the life you lead it is because you care too much what they think of you.

That’s the fear of failing what you’re trying to do. But you know what, the fear of criticism is what all human beings have:

  • If you do not have a better job it is because you do not want to imagine what others think of you. You’re afraid to disappoint others.
  • If you have not asked to leave that girl who has you in love, it is because you are afraid of any kind of criticism that comes from her or someone else. No one likes to be told not to.

To overcome the fear of criticism in all aspects of life, you have to take into account a series of tricks that will make you happier.

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

1. Forget that you have to be perfect

No one is, nor does it have to be. So, best of all, you can relax. By being able to eliminate all that pressure on you, you will eliminate stress and live better.

Emerald from Gananci says:

“In my personal case, it occurred to me that in the University, I always tried to be the best. But he forced me so badly that nothing was going right.

In the end I was filled with tasks, stress and obligations that I imposed myself. I never demanded it from others, but with myself it was different.

There came a time when I decided that I could not. I had become ill and could not keep up with that pace of life for another moment.

I forgot that I had to be perfect and I began to act as I felt. I let everything find its place regardless of what I wanted. It would work.”

Exercise: Look at yourself in the mirror today. Concentrate on everything that makes you happy, on your imperfections and ways of living day by day. You are the most important.

When you start to value yourself and feel that nothing should change you. You are like this, with your defects and your virtues, but you accept and you like, that is the important thing.

Repeat this process every morning and do not be afraid. It will come out well.

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

2. Change your inner dialogue

What you think of yourself is what others will think about you. When you discover the potential you have, others will see it as well.

By changing the way you talk to yourself, you are changing your inner dialogue. What you think about yourself is what others will think.

If you start to treat with respect, to take care of what you think of you and be very clear that no one is like you, the rest of the people will start to value you.

It’s all about perspective. Do not waste time telling you how good everything can go, there is nothing better than what is already happening.

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

3. Do not miss your goal

You know what you want in your life, so do not lose your energy and focus on it. It does not matter how much you try to say it is not worth it. It is not true.

You are the only one who knows how much and how you are going to get everything that you propose. It’s not complicated, you just need to be clear about what you want for your life.

To keep the goals, the main thing is to be clear that is what you want. For this there are a series of exercises that you can do each day:

  • Exercise 1, just get up, after taking some time to meditate, have a sheet of paper on which you are going to write three main goals for the day.
  • Exercise 2, before bedtime, take your time and describe what has gone well in the day. Keep in mind that there will be goals that you could not complete. It’s normal, do them tomorrow.
  • Exercise 3, when you feel overwhelmed or you are again assaulting the fears of criticism, go for a walk. Clean your mind and breathe deeply for three minutes.
  • Exercise 4, if you get stressed, talk to your best friend. It has to be an entrepreneur, with optimism and positive energy. Let me advise you.

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

4. Do not be afraid to fail, try it

It is said that the one who does not try, is not able to leave his space of comfort and to evolve. The biggest failures are not having the courage to do what you want.

We are all full of mistakes, situations that we do not know how to control, that make us vulnerable and change us, make us better.

In my personal case, one of my goals was to write as a lifestyle. There were times I got it, other times I was not able to find a good job.

But I never gave up. There were times when I was paid properly, and sometimes I had to make use of my working hours. It takes a lot of confidence in yourself to make it.

How did I get it?

I followed my intuition. My desire to continue evolving, learning. I was doing training courses, contacting people who were already doing the same thing as me.

The world is of the brave, of those who go for their dreams and those who work for it. That’s the only thing you have to remember every day.


5.  Trust your own thoughts

You can not always have happy thoughts. There are all kinds of ideas and feelings in people. And they are all part of us. All must be valued.

When you have negative thoughts from time to time, you should not be scared, you simply have to think and relax in the best way possible. 

There are many reasons to trust yourself. So that you stop having what others think and talk about you. They are their own fears reflected in other people.

Only you can make your self-esteem hold and your thoughts become positive. Would you like to live with money and abundance?, How do you think to do it?

That is what you have to organize, eliminate doubts and fear of criticism. Be clear why you are acting that way and remember all the incredible people you have around.

When you are clear your why in life, there is no longer instability and you know how to do things differently. How can you do it?

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

One month exercise: write each day a list of all the things you are afraid, all the criticisms you have received or fear to receive.

With this exercise, if you do it for a month, you will get immediate results. So make it part of your routine and keep up. If I did, you can too.

Just wake up, take a notebook and write everything that comes to mind. Without thinking, whatever idea you have in your mind, let it go, write it down.

When you do, relay it while you are having breakfast. Mark all those phrases that are negative, which are an obstacle in your life. That you had not identified them inside your head.

They may be of the type “I’m not sure …”, “I’m afraid to fail in …”, “I do not know if I can …”, “What will they think …”, “My family tells me …”, ” , etc.

All that, must disappear. And for this you are going to make them positive. Write the opposite of these sentences, I leave a practical example of what I did this morning:

  • How to Overcome Fear of CriticismIn my list of daily writings, it appeared that I was afraid of what my husband thought of me. He is a great professional hired by a great company and I, I dedicate to writing remote.
  • What did I do? What I set out was to see in writing all the good things I had and that he did not. Discover what my hidden value was: my flexibility, my creativity, my possibilities.
  • That fear of what he thought disappeared, and I concentrated much better on my tasks. Now I have greater confidence and I understood that there are no comparable realities, we are all different.

As you can see, everyone, in one measure or another, is afraid of what others will think of us. But that should not stop you from getting to do what you want.

Now it’s up to you, tell me what your fears are and how you overcome them!, See you in the comments.