Parrot DISCO - Drone Prototype Flights unveiled its new project -

Parrot unveiled its new project during CES 2016: fast, smart and super lightweight drone, with a flight time of about 45 minutes. This is the first done ready to fly with winged form, and with a simple operation for the user.

The team works riding the wings to the body and throwing it into the air, without previous training can be maneuvered smoothly. The drone is connected to the Parrot system via Wi-Fi and can be controlled using the Flight Plan Skycontroller or application with GPS points.

The new drone system uses digital 3-axis stabilization of the Bepop camera; It has an automatic takeoff and landing further helping inexperienced users.


Parrot DISCO - Drone Prototype Flights unveiled its new project - tinoshare.comIt also includes a “Autopilot” mode that mimics the skills of a seasoned pilot. Parrot is designing a new system with assisted steering control in which the computer controls the drone and the pilot can perform some maneuvers safely. You will also have a “Loiter” mode that makes the drone carried orbits around a point of interest. The new Parrot disc is compatible with immersion lens view (FPV).

The technical specifications are as follows prototype, front camera 1080p Full HDD, live video streaming; automatic takeoff and landing; flight time of approximately 45 minutes; Flight Play with Waypoints; return to the starting point with GPS; Wi-Fi range extended with Parrot Skycontroller; and detachable wings for easy transport.

It is expected that the new Parrot disk will be available towards the end of 2016.

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