Passion is synonymous undertaking -

The passion  for sustainability and its application from the use, production and consumption of plants, led to Paula Andrea Rueda, to create their own business.


Hurbanas , it was created this year and the idea was born “to unite the passion for plants and their use, utilitarian and artistic, and the vision of building sustainable homes in urban, suburban and rural areas using local species and those wide dispersion from local “ says Paula Rueda, General Manager Hurbanas.

Thanks to the integration of the food productiongardens” to “urban” cities and expand the actions that advance to orchards and gardens, born Hurbanas.

Paula, a Agricultural Engineer with Master in Environmental Sciences has worked for 14 years by the national rural and agricultural development. No doubt his extensive experience in production and consumption of plant joined the passion for sustainability, motivated to undertake precisely the message that has been for years to rural communities . “After 14 years of carrying such messages I wondered to myself why I stopped for plants or agricultural crops generate income for my family “ .

In the future, Paula envisions  Hurbanas as a company that promotes the development of healthy spaces through the inclusion of plant species in the city; as in peri-urban and rural areas, so that the lifestyle is more sustainable and respectful of the elements of nature.


Passion is synonymous undertaking -

Among the challenges entrepreneurs often face, Paula says: “The fear of failure is the biggest challenge when undertaking.” A fear that usually overwhelms all at the time, but it is not the only challenge comes after the plunge; for this enterprising woman, another challenge has been to open market spaces and marketing. However, social networks have become the first communication channel to be released and are now preparing different spaces and other joint ventures to expand its visibility.


Finally, it recommends: “lose their fear and push through his venture, in addition to relying on people (family or not) to work for that goal”.

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