PC Screen Changes Colour – Solution (with images)


The PC screen changes colour for many reasons. When I change colour I mean that the screen takes a colour in concrete. When the change of colour happens the screen usually takes the colour pink or red.

This problem happens because of the signal cable or the graphics card. It does not matter if the graphics card is dedicated or integrated, the problem can happen if the graphic chip of your computer has a physical problem or a problem with its drivers and in some cases, this problem happens if the monitor is damaged.

The recommended thing to be able to solve this problem is to identify what is causing this inconvenience which we will explain below.

If the PC screen changes colour by the signal cable

When the screen changes colour is when you are moving the monitor or moving the cable that is from the computer to the monitor is due to the same signal cable.

It may be that the signal cable is loose or simply damaged. To be sure if it is really damaged what you have to do is to invert the cable and tighten it correctly, or try the same cable with another PC. if the problem persists I recommend you buy a new cable.

These cables are very inexpensive and you can buy them in any store where they sell computer parts.

It is a very common problem in VGA cables.

If the PC screen changes colour due to monitor problems

Sometimes the screen looks a specific colour due to problems with the monitor. Note that it is not always that the monitor is damaged. It may be that the configuration of your monitor that has a specific colour configured and that makes it look like that.

What you have to do with regards to that situation is to reset the configuration of your monitor. You can access the configuration of your monitor in the buttons it has on the front, or on the side.

If you already verified that the problem is not the cable or configuration of your monitor it is probably that the monitor is damaged, however, it still may be a problem in the graphics of your computer.

Before ensuring that your monitor is damaged it is recommended that you discard the probability that they are not the video drivers of your computer or that it is not the graphics card of your computer that is damaged therefore I recommend following the recommendations that I explain to you continuation.

If the PC screen changes colour due to graphics problems

It may happen that due to a problem with the drivers installed in your computer or physical problems of the graphics card the PC will start to see specific colours or distorted colours.

It can also be a configuration in Windows so it is advisable to try to calibrate the colour first and reinstall the drivers for your computer.

Steps to calibrate colour

The option to calibrate the colour in your computer can be found in the settings of your screen in the Windows configuration.

NOTE: In case you will not the below options, then we suggest to watch the video tutorial below.

You can access it by right-clicking on the desktop and then clicking where it says Display Settings.

PC screen changes color - solution (with images)Then click where it says advanced screen settings.

screen-resolution-settings-21-600x471And there you will see the option that says colour calibration.


Reinstall the drivers

The first thing to do is to find out the model of your computer so that with the name of the model, look for in Google the name of the model of your computer by adding the word “video drivers”.

This is in order for the download pages corresponding to the video drivers that your computer needs.

If the problem still persists you should check your monitor that is probably damaged and the graphics card of your computer.