What to do when the PC Screen flashes (flickers)?

Troubleshoot PC screen flickering

A common problem that usually happens in computers is that the screen flickers. In this article, we will explain what to do if the screen flickers. Screen flicker problems can be due to many reasons. In this article, we explain possible solutions to that problem.

The first is to analyse the possible cause of the problem. If it happened to some physical change of the computer or a change in the programs or the operating system, as this can evidence the cause of the problem and makes it easier to find the solution. If you have no idea why you have that problem let’s explain the possible reasons why the screen flickers and its solutions.

Signal cable loose or damaged

In most cases, the problem is that the signal is not transmitted correctly because the cable is defective or not connected correctly. The cable may be new and may pass, so it would be advisable to try that cable on another PC or test the computer with another signal cable. With this, I mean the cable that goes from the monitor, which can be VGA, DVI or HDMI for example.

Monitor Issues

The problems that the monitor may have that may cause flickering to appear on the screen may be:

Defective video inputs

By this, I mean the input where the signal cable is connected if you have more test inputs in the others.

Loose or Damaged Flex Cable

The flex cable of the monitor is a flat cable that is inside the monitor that connects the circuits with the screen, if that cable is loose, badly connected or damaged you will present problems in the screen. There may be several symptoms, the main one is blinking.

Settings on the computer not supported by the monitor

The monitor may not display an image if you have a frequency or screen resolution set on the computer that the monitor does not support, this may even damage it. You can verify this by looking at the technical specifications of your monitor and the display settings in the operating system.

Computer Graphics Problem

These problems can also be due to graphical computer errors that can be as follows:

Outdated Drivers

If the drivers of your graphics card or the computer’s integrated chip are very obsolete may become unsuitable for your operating system, so it is important to update AMD drivers if it is an AMD graphics card or update Intel drivers if you have an integrated Intel chip Graphic HD.

Bad graphics card inputs

Inputs from the computer where you connect the cable to the monitor may present problems that could cause screen flickering. You can check that by testing on the other tickets that there are usually more than one.

Maintaining the graphics card

Graphics cards when they have several years of use may need maintenance such as changing the thermal paste to the GPU and dusting it. You can read about the thermal paste in what the thermal paste is for.

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