My PC is very slow. What do I do? – Solution to Improve PC Speed

Solution to Improve PC Speed

This article will tell you how to clean your PC / Windows, this is especially for people whose PC are slow, or have their computer infected by viruses or have other problems related to the Windows system, however, computer is working properly it is important to do what I explain in this tutorial to keep your system clean and safe.

It is important that you know that this should be done frequently to keep the system clean and thus ensure optimum performance. These are measures that I personally take forever to have my computer running properly. I have another article related to this topic, after reading I recommend you read it also because it helps to complement with this one. My computer is very slow. 

Scan your computer frequently and with a properly updated antivirus

This I recommend to do weekly, of course, depends a lot on the type of use that is given to a computer and depends on what type of user to use the computer, but it is normal that the computer is constantly scanned to ensure that the computer is not infected Of virus and in case it is being deleted such viruses, if you do not have antivirus and I recommend Avast, you can download it from its official website here.

The type of analysis I recommend you do is complete because there are several types of virus analysis that you can do to the computer, specifically called “Full System Analysis“:

Solution to Improve PC SpeedIt may take half an hour or more, depending on how many files you have on your computer.

Pass the Adware Cleaner to the computer

Adware Cleaner is a program that eliminates Adware from your computer. Adware are programs that are installed on your computer (in most cases without the user’s consent) in order to cause unwanted activities, such as changing the browser’s default search engine, adding toolbars to your computer, filling you up The PC and the pages you visit advertising, install third party programs without your consent, modify the Windows registry, start with Windows to spy on what you do, among other things unlawful.

Antivirus does not usually detect Adware as a virus, so you have to use the Adware Cleaner to clean your adware. Adware Cleaner you can download it from here. The program is free and weighs very little, you just have to run it and click the button that says scan so that the program starts looking for Adwares of the computer:

Solution to Improve PC SpeedAfter you finish scanning, the “Cleaning” button will be enabled, click on it:

Solution to Improve PC Speed

The program will indicate that it will close all the programs that you have open, you click OK and when you finish cleaning the Adware PC will ask you to restart the computer, restart and ready, you will see an open text file which will show you an Adware report removed from the computer. My PC is very slow yet What else can I do?

Pass the CCleaner to the computer

CCleaner is another cleaning program for Windows, download it in this link. This removes temporary files, cache, cookies, history among other things and also cleans and repairs Windows logs:


Manage programs and processes that start with Windows

With this I mean to control the programs and processes that come up with Windows, because often times programs that you do not want to upload with the operating system, this means that they run automatically when Windows goes up. You can disable them in the Task Manager in the Home tab.

How to improve my PC for games

For example, I almost never use Skype and uTorrent and these usually start with Windows consuming unnecessary resources, so the Disable so they do not start with Windows.

Note: The Task Manager opens by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DEL or right-clicking the taskbar, and then clicking Task Manager.

Task Manager