Why people who cry are often mentally stronger


Tears have always been seen as a sign of weakness and self – pity. But what many do not realize is that crying is a natural state of expression, such as laughing. So natural is that laugh when something good is happening to you, as you cry when you’re going through bad times.

No ashamed when you cry and in no way those tears will become weaker or unstable person. In fact people who often crying are actually stronger mentally. Find out for yourself with these points:

1. They know that tears cleanse the soul

Although the tears are condemned as signs of weakness, they really are cleansing the soul. People who usually crying are actually stronger because they let out their stress through tears what helps them feel much lighter and connected to their emotions.

The more you hold back your sadness, have more emotional charge. Mourn frees your mind of negative emotions and clean from all worries. You see things clearer.

2. They are not afraid to show their emotions

why-people-who-weep-are-often-mentally-stronger-tinoshare-com2If something great happen to you, such a promotion, wouldn’t you smile and jump for joy? In the same way that if something bad happened to you, how to break with your partner, breaks in tears. People who usually cry understand that crying and sadness are merely the expression of some emotions, like laughing when you’re happy. So never be afraid to show emotions.

People often crying beyond the silly idea of a company limited by fear of what others think.

3. They know that crying helps them feel good

Call it irony or paradox of life but yes, crying can really make you feel good. This is demonstrated by many studies showing that crying help you feel good. This is possible because to mourn the brain releases endorphin hormone, which will generate a sense of peace, comfort and calm.

Crying even reduces levels of manganese in the body, which helps to de-stress your brain and body. Crying does not mean an end to your problem. But people who weep know that doing so gives them calm and wellbeing, helping them see the problem in a more calm and clear way.

4. Do not worry about social judgments

why-people-who-weep-are-often-mentally-stronger-tinoshare-com3Many people are afraid to cry so socially involved. Men are isolating them and paint them as women who are about imbalanced or seek attention.

But the truth is that not all women who cry are unstable or fewer men. On the contrary, all those women and men who cry are brave enough to go beyond social stigmas and not allow what others think affects them.

5. Encourage others to be honest with your feelings

People who are not afraid to cry encourage others to be honest with their emotions, like them. They make people feel comfortable because they feel they are themselves, without frustration or social security contributions.

You will be surprised to know that tears not only release negative emotions, also toxins kill 90% of bacteria in eye 5-10 minutes and help improve vision. So we can say that people who usually mourn not only mentally stronger, they are also healthier and more emotionally intelligent.

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now – William Shakespeare

Andrea Mendez psychologist and author of blogs oriented motivation, leadership and self -improvement.