How to Prevent applications from downloading on Google Play – Block apps and Internet access – Android


In this article I’ll explain step-by-step how to prevent applications from downloading on Google Play, accessing web pages, and blocking access to the desired applications. Many people want to do this because they often put their mobile in the hands of other people, especially children and want to prevent them from downloading applications.

There are several ways to do this, then we explain some.

Applications to block applications

There are applications that allow you to put a password on the desired applications, so you can block with a password or a pattern to the Google Play Store and the browser if you want. There are many who make this functionality, one that I know is Applock. You can search the Google Play Store through the same name. You can also download the App from this link.

Parental control application

There are hundreds of applications with which you can control what your children do on mobile devices. One of them is called Kids Place, with this you can decide to which applications children have access and which do not.

You can put a custom screen with only the allowed applications. You can block Internet access for games and applications. It serves a lot to guide children to the games they have access to.

The application is like the following image:

You have a custom password lock and only the applications that you add manually appear there.

Some cell phones bring built-in parental control applications.

If your phone does not have an application that does that function you can download Kids Place from the Google Play Store here

Turn off WiFi / Enable airplane mode

It may sound a bit obvious, but that’s all to say. You can simply choose to disable the WiFi. This will mean that there is no access to the Internet and that the games do not appear advertising (If they have, because not all have).

The airplane mode would be used to disable the data connection if you have it activated and the possibility of making calls from your mobile device.