Professional Content Management and Dissemination For Bloggers and Community Managers


Do not become a slave to your own content, there is a professional tool for managing and distributing your content gives you time.

Without the right tools, your day will be endless. Are you ready to have a new free time?

A blog goes through different stages throughout its life. When you pass several initial levels, between those who are investing in your own domain, your way in social networks and even generate income, you are reaching a professional level. At this point, it is important that the management of your own blog do not become a slave to it; like it or not, increasingly you devote hours to what can be considered “unproductive” work.

Those who manage one or more blogs, you know the time required to create new content, however, the work of Blogger does not stop there. At this time, we must add (a daily basis and no pulse) dedicated to the dissemination schedule and plan own content and third-party social networks, in addition to the time you spend analyzing the impact of such dissemination. If in addition to Blogger, you Community Manager must be added the complexity of managing multiple blogs professionally daily. Really 24 hours a day, fall short.

Studying means using professional tools

There are many services that you hogging, looking precisely productivity. Many times, the spread in the use of these services, in addition to causing spend some time each of them independently, all your management is decentralized.

This online service, covering different areas of content management:

  1. Managing your own content . It helps you to make your blog entries that have outlived their usefulness (expired) and the inputs are active (fresh) to share on social networks.
  2. Amplification of the amount of own headlines. Each entry in your blog, you can optionally add up to 5 different starters to share.
  3. News third . Getting a mix between own and other publishers holders is a great one effective strategy to provide value to your social profiles and increase the number of followers.
  4. As diffusion . You can set a dissemination plan as independent for Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Fan Pages and Google+, the latter development. Remember, each social network has its own pace.
  5. Operating 24 hours a day . Although not post new content, this service allows you to maintain daily activity in your social profiles, thanks to the spread of fresh content to your blog.
  6. Analysis of the impact of the spread . Through a statistics module, you can see the evolution in the number of clicks for each of diffusers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


Check out the tools here:

In Tinoshare we are already using this tool, so we recommend you try the version BLOGGERS is totally free for 60 days , it requires no paypal or credit card and you can manage up to three blogs and link with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, Linkedin and Google+.  As we have reported, MANAGERS have foreseen a version that is not yet available, but it promises.