Projects You Can Do In WordPress | Blogging Tips


From my experience in web projects, I have to say that, despite being positionable, manageable and adaptable, this system has a roof that can touch very soon if the project is not well planned. Then we discuss the projects that fit into WordPress and those others for whom I think its use (as you will not rule it out as a solution).

WordPress projects:

1. Blog

If the project is a personal or business blog,  the leader in these matters is undoubtedly WordPress. Its ease of use is a big plus and also with the ability to schedule the dates indicated entries can be always informed your readers although we are on vacation or immersed in other projects.

2. Solution for SMEs

For an SME that wants to be on the Internet, you need to change its description, price and pictures of your products on your web showcase and also be optimized for search engines (SEO for Google), the solution is also WordPress, as currently this CMS has thousands of plugins and themes to grow your web.


Projects that do not fit well in WordPress:

1. Design

If you are a graphic designer and want to lay out freely and use your visual skills in design, WordPress falls short, because usually you have to stick to the structures or wireframes that brings the workforce, and also need to have knowledge of style sheets for template to accommodate the Look and Feel of your brand or customer’s brand.

However, there are solutions to create structures as in the areas of professional payment or frameworks outside, but they all require a time of learning and training …

Therefore, to create a professional portfolio with its own visual identity, would use tools to unleash your imagination, like Adobe Muse, which is not a self-managed website but can be upgraded.

2. Ecommerce huge and digital trade

For an e-commerce selling large volumes of products and different payment methods, including for the sale of digital products (PDF files, audio, video …) undoubtedly would use Pay-SHOP or Magento, for ease of administration large volumes of products and many choices directly related to e-commerce.

3. Photography

If it is, for example, a contest of professional photography whose manager has to manage a wealth of information with the ability to categorize, collect, filter and organize that information, certainly develop a manager as to the project manager, they are scalable, so that the manager can grow along with the project.

In short, in the initial phase, when the client see the specialist everything you want for your website, keep in mind that WordPress is very powerful, but for some projects it is best to seek or develop a custom manager with the collaboration in the study of a programmer to develop specific actions for tasks that will support your web project.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I do not rule out using WordPress on many projects. In fact, there is no doubt that today is the most used tool for creating websites and currently is the product most demanded by our clients and students.

The most important thing is to first analyze the project on paper and then find the manager or the right tools.