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Since its launch in 2007 development platform based on the cloud ” Wix ” has hosted more than 70 million websites. But as with almost all products or services online, Wix has its benefits and drawbacks. Do you want to know about them? Keep reading!


1. Templates

With its flat or illustrative designs, more than 500 templates Wix serve almost any type of web you want to create. The only problem is choosing one, and fortunately has a search engine that lets you filter designs for your type of business (restaurants and food, health and wellness, fashion and beauty, etc.), so that the election result you more easy.

wix-templates Pros And Cons Of Wix Templates - tinoshare.com2. Flexibility

One of the best features that Wix that it offers is its user flexibility. You can manipulate every aspect of the design of your website as they way you want it; choose only the parts that you like a template, add features and reorganize the visual elements.

Wix is flexible enough to allow completely build your website from scratch, without choosing any template.

3. Ease of Use

With a drag and drop of Wix tool, anyone with a basic knowledge of technology can design a beautiful web, either from a template or from scratch.

wix-templates-pros-and-cons-of-wix-templates-tinoshareIn addition, each step of the construction of the web has its own unique help button. This feature is very useful and is a huge timesaver, and will not have to search a database to answer your questions.

At the top of the help buttons, Wix has an extensive FAQ section, video tutorials, a forum and a phone number to answer questions.

4. Wix App Market

The App Market Wix has become one of its most prominent features. Among its more than 260 applications you can find marketing tools, social widgets, chats, forms, calendars, shopping carts etc. All these features improve your page and user experience.


1. Customizing the URL

One of the most repeated complaints in the forums of Wix is its inability to create custom simple URLs. For example, if the address of your personal site is, “” and you want to create a page “about us” instead of “” it appears this: “! ”

wix-templates-pros-and-cons-of-wix-templates-tinoshareNot exactly pretty, right?

The reason for this is that Wix uses AJAX Crawling Solution for your rankings in search engines. The HashBangs (#! ‘S) in each URL represent the method by which sites based on Ajax technology in the search engines are classified.

Although Wix repeatedly says this is not a defect and does not adversely affect their classification, the truth is that the url is not attractive nor intuitive.

2. Staff Changes

Another major complaint about Wix is their inability to change template when you have already created the web. Most of its competitors require only a few simple steps to change templates, but this is the paid price by Wix offers great flexibility in its initial design.

Wix templates are not responsive, but the creator of webs has a separate editor for mobile and desktop computers. In this way you have more freedom and control over the way you see your site on different devices.

3. Blog

Wix blog leave much to be desired, they are very simple and are not SEO-friendly. Another thing you should consider is that only a publisher can contribute content. Other platforms like WordPress, designed specifically for blogs, allows multiple parties contribute simultaneously.

4. Technical limitations

The biggest disadvantage of Wix for web designers are its limitations because it does not allow editing HTML or CSS. And because the platform is built with AJAX, there are some compatibility issues.


Although not the best option to create a blog and offers all the control that web designers would like, flexibility and ease of use of Wix attached to its low price, they make it highly recommended to make a first quick and easy version a website.