If you have ever had cats you’ve probably asked the reason why sometimes cats prefer to drink water anywhere (tap, hose, puddle, pots) instead of container prepared for this purpose. According to the company Noacare, it’s because they like moving water, just pitch or at least not carry standing a while.


Drinking Banner

It is a container with a capacity of approximately 1.2 liters, thanks to a small pump, expels water on top to give the feeling of being always on the move and filtered with activated carbon system to keep it clean.

Quantification comes from the hand of a necklace that we put in the cat’s neck (several necklaces can be used at a time if we have several cats) and will serve to identify and calculate the amount of fluid intake throughout the day, leaving the figures recorded in an application for smartphones. In the following video you have several examples of how the whole system:


Price and Availability

Pura is seeking funding in Indiegogo intending to hit the market in April 2016 at a price of $ 129.

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