Qualcomm confirms: no Snapdragon 820-2016

Qualcomm confirms: no Snapdragon 820-2016 - TinoShare.com
Qualcomm confirms: no Snapdragon 820-2016 - TinoShare.com

Qualcomm now has a few more details on its Snapdragon 820, and has also confirmed a figure wearing a long bouncing between several dates. It has been said that the company would advance the design and manufacture of new chips until the end of 2015, mainly due to temperature problems early versions.

Qualcomm Snapdragon has confirmed that the 820 hit the market in 2016, and no new phone with this powerful SoC IFA in 2015 as has been rumored on several occasions. Yes they say that the first product sample will begin to send to manufacturers in the coming months so that they have enough time to design their end products, which will landing on the market and being available to customers during the first months 2016.

If the Snapdragon 820 fail in 2015, what will happen to all those Huawei Nexus, Xiaomi MI5, LG G4 Pro and others, that were supposed to use it?

This changes several things. For example the Nexus Huawei was one of the leading candidates to incorporate Snapdragon 820 and would be released in September or October; Qualcomm confirmation this would either be launched Nexus with other SoC (810 Snapdragon chip Maybe some other manufacturer?) or would be delayed until 2016. And many more: Xiaomi E5 , LG G4 Pro or Xperia Z5 , among others.

Qualcomm confirms: no Snapdragon 820-2016 - TinoShare.com

With this delay – expected – the first months of 2016 will get very hot in terms of releases refers.And as always, the great fairs: CES 2016 in Las Vegas (6-9 January) and MWC 2016 in Barcelona (22-25 February) will have the Snapdragon 820 as one of the great protagonists of the events. And watch out, because they get very full of novelties and with a great deal of performance and power that surely satisfy the most demanding users, including new Adreno 530 graphics processor, new image processor and the focus on energy efficiency. Very good.