What really happens when you swallow a gum?

swallow gum

Find out what exactly happens in your body when you swallow a gum, and whether it really can have any consequences.

Myths about what happens if you swallow gum were popular when you were a child. You’ve probably heard a lot of them: that was stuck to guts or that stays in your stomach for seven years. For peace of mind, none of them is true.

What really happens when you swallow a gum?

Basically, the gum passes through your body as any food but is not fully digested. Gums are made of gum resin, preservatives, flavors, and sweeteners. The stomach can not digest the gum resin. But not to worry, or intestines stick, nor accumulate forming a giant ball or anything like that. But when we swallow gum, our digestive system is unable to process a gum the same way as any other food, if it is able to move and remove it through the feces.

Can it be dangerous to swallow chewing gum?

The only thing you have to worry about is to stay stuck. In cases very rare, when we swallow a great many small gum or gum in a short period of time, can cause a blockage of the digestive tract.

The young children are more likely to have this problem because they sometimes do not understand that the gum is chewed and not swallowed. That is why it is not advisable to give them chewing gum.

Swallowing a gum will not harm or kill you, but it is not logical to swallow them on purpose. Wanna know more? Check out these videos explained in details.