Reasons why the PC is better than the consoles | PC vs Console Comparison


In this article I will explain the reasons why a computer is much better than a console. This is a subject that apparently has not been clear, since there are many console peasants who claim that a console is better than a computer which is false.

Buying a video game console is the worst option you could do right now, well, unless you’re wealthy enough and you do not affect that decision at all.

Reasons why a computer is better than a console

A console is only made to play

Although the current consoles have a system that allows you more intelligent and that allows you to surf the Internet and install certain applications will never be the same as a Windows computer.

Video games on PC are cheaper

Due to the high competitiveness and the openness that is the video game market for PC makes there are better offers and you can get the games much cheaper, something that does not happen on consoles.

A PC can get better performance than a console

A $ 600 computer far outperforms any console.

Better performance

On PC you can have better graphics and better performance. Most current console games can only be played at 30 FPS. On PC you can play at 60 FPS, and even much more. It should be noted that there are many consoles who say that “the human eye can not see more than 30 FPS” which denies it later.

Computers are retro-compatible

Most consoles are not backwards compatible, for example, you can not play PS3 games on a PS4. On a computer, it is not. On a PC you can play the game you want by earliest.

Durability and shelf life

A console is damaged and what most likely happens is that you have to buy a new one. On a computer, you can simply change the damaged part, which is cheaper.

Destroying the most common fallacies of consoles

Fallacy 1: “Human eyes can not see more than 30 FPS”

This I had already denied once when I talked about the FPS, but I will explain in a summarised way. Human sight does not work in FPS. That is to say, the human being has a certain amount of GB of storage in memory or that the human view sees in x amount of pixels, bone, you can not use units of computer measures to measure human capacity, since these do not work in the same way.

The human being can see more than 30 FPS, the consoles do not even have an explanation that supports such a fallacy.

To check that the human view sees more than 30 FPS you just have to go to Youtube that has an option that allows you to watch videos at 60 FPS as long as it is available for that video or simply search videos comparing 30 FPS vs 60 FPS Or just see the next comparison, you can see the difference too much.

Fallacy 2: “My console has exclusive games”

This is the fallacious argument that gives more laughter. That a game is not officially on PC and if in a certain console it does not mean that it can not be played on a computer. On PC there are emulators with which you can play console games that are not legally available on PC. And now can you do that on your PS4, or your XBOX or your Nintendo?

Another thing is that the average consoler believes that only the consoles have exclusive games. There are also exclusive PC games that you could never play on a console. Some examples, League of Legends. World of Warcraft, Heroes of Storm, Starcraft 2 and much more.

Fallacy 3: “On console, you have an exclusive command”

Many consolers do not know that you can connect the control of any console in PC.

Fallacy 4: “A computer is too expensive”

I repeat the above, with 600 dollars you can buy a computer much better than a console and with greater durability. A console gets you cheaper. In addition to that will come another console and yours will become obsolete. You have to buy games and in the end you end up paying more.

For PC there is an immensity of free and good games and PCs are not outdated, since PC is PC and in the future will not come a PC 2 or PC Pro.