How to record voice calls on your Android and iPhone – Solution

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Record voice calls on your iPhone or Android mobile is a pretty interesting option. To do this you have to resort to third party applications and services. We explain how it is done in a few minutes and what are the most interesting options that you can try both free and paid.

1: Record conversations on Android is free and easy

At the moment, Google has decided not to include the recording of calls between the official features of Android. Even version 8.0 does not include it, although some independent ROMs do. However, you would have to do root to be able to integrate this option into your system.

It is not necessary at all. You can record the calls on Android by downloading free apps from Google Play. There are many and very varied, although certainly the most interesting is Call Recording – ACR. 

It is the most popular application in the world, especially among those who for professional reasons regularly record their conversations. It offers several free options, such as storing files in various formats or automatically deleting old audios.

Although it has Premium mode, the difference does not make it worth it. You can upload the files to Drive or Dropbox on your own without going through the box.

Once installed, it is automatically enabled and starts to store all the audios of your calls. When finishing a conversation you can choose if you want to save it or if you want to delete it.

2: Apple makes it difficult to record calls on iPhone

IOS is a closed system, unlike Android. The developer, Apple, has wanted to make it difficult for its users and has achieved, which is why there are no free applications to record calls from the iPhone in iTunes.

The only way to do this is to invite a third person into the conversation. There are companies that offer such services, such as Burovoz. It serves as a voice mailbox to save the audios, but has a cost that varies between 19 cents per minute in uncertified recordings and 49 of the certified.

There is an alternative, also of payment but more economic. The Spanish OMV has an option called Digital Voice. It consists of calling through the data network without megas being consumed, causing the other person to receive a conventional call on their device.

By default, your application stores all conversations recorded in your cloud. You can use it on Android and iPhone even without being a customer of the company.

Finally, for an Android, you will find many apps in this matter. In case you prefer to install other apps that is not listed here, it is advised to do a test call to make sure it works on your device. Some devices reject these apps and in some, it works perfectly. I personally use Call Recorder and the good thing about it is that it automatically records when I receive income calls.