Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk or USB Memory

Recover deleted files2

In this article, I will explain step by step how to recover deleted files from your storage device be it USB memory, hard disk, microSD memory, a mobile device like cell phone or tablet, among others. There are many data recovery programs, however, I will talk about what has worked for me.

Currently acquiring a storage unit such as a hard drive or a USB stick is very accessible due to the low cost they currently have and the availability of sale they have the same but difficult and costly can be to recover lost information on your hard drive Or USB memory, but I’ll explain a way to do it for free, you can always recover deleted files from any storage device.

If you just want to recover photos from an  Android mobile follow the steps of the tutorial to recover deleted photos from the mobile.

How does this work to recover deleted files?

In order to recover data from a hard disk, USB memory, SD memory, microSD or any other type of storage unit, you must understand something very important and is that a storage unit never erases information, only overwrites it for another, when Deleted a file from your hard drive either a PC or laptop, for example, you only replace it with a blank space, but the file still exists, it recovers by reversing these changes made.

It is possible to recover information even after formatting the hard disk and this is not only on a hard disk that I only say as an example but also any type of storage units such as the internal memory of a smartphone or USB memory or a microSD.

I will explain two methods to recover lost information step by step, so without further discussion, I start with the explanations of place.

Method # 1 – Recover deleted files with Data Recovery Wizard

In this method we will use the program Data Recovery Wizard, this program is free, you can download it from this link, The program has several versions, in this case, we will use the free. With this program, you can recover anything, even after formatting. Download the program and install it.

First, select the drive you want to scan

Recover deleted files1

Then click Scan and the program begins searching the files that have been deleted.  In the next step, you will see the options above for photos, audio, documents, photos. After the scan completed, simply select what you want to recover be it video, photo, etc.

Recover deleted files2

Note: Remember that this is the free version of that program, which has as the limit of 2GB files to recover if you want to recover more than 2GB of data I recommend the paid version of them.

After the scan is done and you clicked to recover, it will ask you to select the location you want to save the files. It is important that you know that scanning can take a long time since a deep scan is performed.

Method # 2 – Recover data or files with Pandora Recovery

First download the program called Pandora Recovery, is a free program, light and very simple, you can recover information on all types of drives even after formatting. You can download it from here.

After downloading the program you install and run it and you will see the following:

data-recoveryIf you look at the left side you will see all the storage units connected to your computer, if you want to recover the files from a USB, microSD card, external hard drive or mobile device you must connect it to appear there and after connecting click to Green top button that has the symbol .

Then click on the storage drive where you want to recover the files and the program will immediately start scanning that drive for the deleted files for recovery. After you finish scanning then you choose which are the things you want to restore.

As an alternative to this there is a program called Recuva that is a little easier to use and install and you can use it in case the first one does not work, you can download it from here.