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recover deleted files

In this tutorial, I will explain how to recover deleted photos of Android mobile, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Losing photos that have been erased accidentally or for some other reason is something very much with our cell phones, to recover deleted photos of the mobile follow the steps that I will explain to you next.

Steps to recover deleted photos from the mobile

First, download the DiskDigger application undelete. You can search for it directly on Google Play by its name.

Note: The application requires your smartphone to be rooted.

After downloading open the application and you will see the following.

How to recover deleted photos from mobileAs you look at the image appear several places where you can scan to look for the deleted photos. The photos you have to look for where the guards are normally stored in SD memory, so I’ll choose the SD which is where I also keep my photos.

After I choose the SD it will set me to choose which file formats I want to search. Obviously, I will choose all the image formats and then I give it to “OK“.

How to recover deleted photos from mobileThen start searching for all the images that I have deleted in the device, then you can go select the images or photos that you want to recover and you give the button that is at the top that looks like a floppy disk and you give to where it says “Save selected file Locally“.

How to recover deleted photos from mobileThen you will choose where you want to save the images that you will recover. In this case, I recommend you choose a folder that you know or have easy access to it. After choosing the folder, click the “OK” button and the photos are recovered.

Any questions you have about recovering deleted photos from your mobile phone leave a comment.