Recurring Dreams And Other Curiosities | Facts of Sleeping and Rem Dreams

Recurring Dreams And Other Curiosities - Facts of Sleeping and Rem Dreams -
Recurring Dreams And Other Curiosities - Facts of Sleeping and Rem Dreams -

1. We forget 90% of our dreams:  They’re just needed five minutes after waking to forget half of everything you have dreamed. After 10 minutes you will have forgotten 90%.

2. Blind people also dream:  People who have lost vision after birth can see images in their dreams. By contrast the blind from birth do not see images but just as vivid dreams experience and through the actual emotions and senses of hearing, touch, and smell.

3. Everyone dreams: Except in cases of extreme psychological disorders, everyone dreams. People who say they do not dream just happens that they can not remember their dreams.

4. In our dreams we only see faces we know:  Our mind does not invent new faces. In our dreams we only see familiar faces and real people we have seen in our daily life, though not remember them.

5. Not everyone dreams in color:  12% of people dream in black and white. The rest is done in color. Studies conducted between 1915 and 1950 showed that the majority of dreams were in black and white. These results began to change after 1960. Recent studies try to explain these facts by the emergence of color television. Today only 4.4% of the population below 25 years dreams in black and white.

6. Emotions:  The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are always in greater proportion than the positive.

7. Recurring dreams:  A recurring dream is one that maintains the same narrative structure but is presented in different contexts. 70% of women and 65% of men say they have recurring dreams.

8. Body paralysis:  During REM sleep the body is paralyzed to prevent body movements you make in the dream move to your physical body. But this mechanism does not always work perfectly and can sometimes wake up while our body remains in a state of paralysis.

9. Incorporation stimulate:  While we dream our physical body remains exposed to many stimuli, principally sound. Many times we extract these sounds of the real world and become part of our own dream. A more than one will hear the alarm happened while dreaming of a phone ringing.

10. Men and women dream differently:  Men tend to dream about men. About 70% of the people who appear in the dreams of men are men. Conversely women dream in equal proportion to men and women. Men also tend to have dreams involving women more aggressive emotions.