Requirements for the Social Security Number in USA

Requirements for the Social Security Number in USA -
Requirements for the Social Security Number in USA -

In the United States, every citizen or permanent resident (those with a Green Card) has a unique social security number, which serves to determine who is entitled to receive certain benefits from state funds. In this article, you meet the requirements for access to a social security number in the United States.

The Social Security Number is an extremely important document in the United States, as in many cases, is used as an identification document to employers, banks, schools and Immigration Services (USCIS). Also, it is important to pay taxes, and especially so you can get a job and get care from social security offered by the US government.

Have the Social Security number allows to sign employment contracts, rent of housing and obtain bank credit cards. The Office of the SSA (Social Security Administration, in English) is responsible for issuing Social Security Card, which contains the Social Security number. His official website is at:

Any alien who arrives in the United States, is that has a Nonimmigrant Visa or a Green Card, you can deal with the Social Security Number (SSN). How to do it? Then the requirements that you must meet to obtain it:

– Fill out Form SS-5-SP (Application for a Social Security card).
– Show us original documents proving: his identity, immigration status and age. You can use:
-. His unexpired foreign passport
– documents issued by the US government, which allow admission to this country.
– Form I-551 together with your current visa.
– The I-94 is the Register of Arrival / Output.
– The work permit given by the Department of Homeland Security (Homeland Security).
– The work permit card (I-766 card).


You must remember that no photocopies of documents will be accepted, they must be original or at least certified by the government agency that issued copies;also, that the formalities can only be carried out by the holder of the number.The Social Security Administration send via postal mail, card and social security number, within a period not exceeding 15 days.This whole procedure is free.


However, some universities or research center in the United States require a social security number for identification of students but what happens in the case of international student are in the United States, and not under the Immigrant name?

Since, generally, the social security numbers are assigned to people who are or are working on US soil, universities or school must use other forms of identification, assigning an identification number that is not related to the Security Administration Social.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to have fluent English as the Social Security Administration will provide a free interpreter who will report it. There is also the possibility to do the procedure via internet, for more information, or to locate a local office of the Social Security Administration, you can go to

Finally, after obtaining your social security number, you are advised to memorize it and not carry your social security card, because this is not important in itself, just the number.Also, if lost or stolen, it can be used by strangers to process credit cards in your name and steal your identity.




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