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On this day there are many people who manage to finish college and become professionals in their home country but unfortunately not found good employment options that guarantee a good quality of life and stability they desire. It is for this reason that many professionals choose to migrate to countries offering better job opportunities.

One such country is Italy and like any foreign nation requires compliance with certain requirements to pursue a profession in its territory, which vary according to the nationality of the applicant and academic attainment.

Here we will go through what requirements are needed to work in Italy and further to exercise your profession in this nation.

[article : Requirements to work in Italy ]

Requirements for citizens of member countries of the EC

As part of the European Community, Italy provides preferences professionals from countries that also belong to the community. The requirements for applying for these work in their territory are:

– Passport of the European Community regulations.
– Fluent in Italian at all levels
– Have a professional degree
– Having work experience
– do not have any history with the law

If the professional who applies for a job in Italy does not have any work experience need to be trained for at least six months by the same company in which it will work.
Requirements for foreigners of other nationalities.

They differ from previous and shelter to all professionals who come from nations outside the European Community, mainly from Latin America, and although that requirement may vary according to the nationality of the person who will give the basic requirements. You can check your special event at the Italian embassy in your country.

– Have a valid passport
– Mastering Italian at all levels
– Have a guaranteed professional title
– have more experience than a year of work
– Having a record clean criminal record
– Having a job offer from a company in Italy.
– Having a profession that is required at that time by the Italian nation.

The entity responsible for endorsing the command of Italian language applicants is the Italian embassy. This examination consists of a written part and an interview conducted by qualified personnel.
The work experience must be shown by documents that are approved by the ministry of labor or the equivalent of the country from which the applicant.

There must be at least a bachelor’s degree to pursue a profession in Italy, some professions require studies to be updated in universities in Italy, prior to starting work.

In the event that the race will have on the Italian territory is one of those required by the Italian government, no update is required. Despite this if the company deems it necessary, it must go through a training process.

Once all procedures are complete, the applicant can arrange a work visa which delayed according to the procedures of each embassy usually takes a week once you have completed the requirements. [article : Requirements to work in Italy ]



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