Resources to Create & Edit videos for Online Store


The online market every day becomes more competitive, new brands incorporate digital strategies and more and more new businesses online. But this does not mean that owners of small online stores have limited opportunities to stand out.

There are a lot of digital tools and strategies that can be used to increase the range and attract customers to your online store, just you need to understand your audience well and know how to reach them in the digital environment.

On the Internet everything is constantly changing, for that reason to ensure that online marketing strategies to be successful, you need to keep up with trends and constant changes in your industry.

And if we speak of trends, the video content is one of the resources that marketers and online merchants must follow closely.

If you’re already thinking about adding videos to your social networking strategies and content marketing you will require that you take the time to create quality videos. So then we share some online resources to create and share videos.

Tools to create videos

A few years ago, creating videos was not as easy as now. Thanks to the Internet and various online tools that anyone can create and edit a video easily.

The following tools will help you begin to create videos, these options are useful both for people who already have some knowledge of editing, and those who have not created and edited videos before.

iMovie Apple

The latest versions of iPhone or iPad allow you to take excellent quality videos with iMovie, the free video creation software. The application is also available for use on Mac.

iMovie is simple to use and allows you to create simple videos to upload to YouTube or Vimeo. This tool lets you take videos and pictures from your library, use templates, add music and other special effects.

imovie Resources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comImage: iMovie


It is one of the most popular software, lets you create animated and professional-looking in minutes videos from your PC or Mac.

Best of VideoMakerFX is that it does almost everything for you, has templates, animation and predesigned, characters and themed stories effects. Even if you do not want to burn anything, you can explore your library to find different options that you just have to add text or images to have a video ready.

Template VideoMakerFX

YouTube Video Editor

Resources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comSurely your videos must be on YouTube to improve its scope and make them available to your customers. However, few people know that it is also a simple tool for creating and editing video.

By creating a channel, you will have access to a lot of tools to publish, share, enhance and edit your videos. Your choice of video editing is simple, does not have all the features of a professional software, but it is ideal to start with creating videos simple and striking.

Among its features are:

  • Combine: upload multiple videos and images and put them together to create a video.
  • Crop: customize the duration of the videos you want to publish.
  • Add music : has a library of approved tracks that you can use.
  • Customize : You can use effects and other tools to improve the videos.


This tool has a large digital library of clips, music, and images. You can add your own recordings or images for editing or use their resources to create a video. To entering you need to register.


wevideo-captura_Resources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comImage: WeVideo

This tool also allows users to upload recordings or use files from your library to create a complete videos. Within the tool, it lets you edit sound effects and individual items, save creations in Google Drive and more.

Video Screen Recording

If your business sells a software or service, you can demonstrate your expertise by creating tutorials recording screenshots.

You can create short videos to explain a simple or complex tutorials in which a voiceover explanation process. Here are some options to create this type of quality videos:

Resource videos

It is possible to create many types of attractive videos to draw the attention of your audience, not necessarily have to carry out recordings with big budgets. You just need to be creative to produce a video appeal to your audience with interesting content.

If yours are not the recordings but have some interesting ideas, there is a variety of sites with videos that banks can use. These are some of the most popular, check out and find excellent resources to make more attractive your videos.

Pexels Videos

pexels-vidoResources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comThis is a famous bench Free images copyright, which also has a free version with videos. You can browse the different categories to find interesting content so you can edit, you can find short videos up to 1:00 am and in HD.


cover Resources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comOn this site, you can download high-quality videos. His videos are free of copyright which can edit, modify and share without problems. Each week we add new videos that you can use.

Motion Elements

motion-elementsResources to start creating & editing videos for Online Store - tinoshare.comIt has a lot of visual resources you can use, from videos, animations, animated backgrounds, sound effects. This site is ideal for finding different resources according to the needs of your project.

In addition, browsing the site to find tutorials and tips to improve your creations and learn more about video editing.

Social networks incorporate video to your strategies

Also, you can take advantage of different social networks to create an attractive content, easy video and economically.

Using social networks based video is a good way to start including videos on a marketing strategy to test the content that your audience likes.


Instagram is a social network growth and sharing short videos (3 to 60 seconds) and images. You can add filters to improve quality and share them with your followers on other social networks (like Twitter and Facebook) and insert them into websites.


Extra : Instagram has two applications to edit videos:

  • Boomerang which enables you to create attractive short clips based on short repetitions.
  • Hyperlapse, which can adjust the speed of recordings to create interesting and fun effects.


This was one of the first popular video sharing applications. Can record short videos, many companies are taking advantage of this application to create original and eye-catching content.


Snapchat is the ideal social network if your target audience is made up of millennials. You can create videos with durations of 10 seconds, even you can make publications in sequence on the same topic. Do not forget that publications expire, but you can save them and share them on your YouTube channel.

Live Videos

The live broadcasts will not be left behind, it is an easy and economical way to use video to attract attention. Facebook Live and Periscope are the main platforms to broadcast live, you just have to find something appealing to share and make sure you have a good connection.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a lot of resources and ideas to start, you have no excuses to include videos in your strategies.

Be sure to create a quality video, use a tripod to prevent too much movement recordings, using a microphone to improve audio quality and make sure you have a good camera.

Do not forget to share your videos in the right places and measure your results to improve your content.