Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7

Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 -
Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 -

The flagship of Samsung and its high-end devices always create great expectations before arrival and in this case no wonder the Galaxy S7. A terminal that despite not having official date of their arrival and takes time gaining attention and which have revealed many possible features.

Today has leaked information on this new terminal which refers to its price, features of the camera as it will come with support Cat. 12 LTE . Undoubtedly features that alongside those already unveiled in the middle of last October makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 copper this great expectation.

Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 -


During the press conference which took place on the occasion of the anniversary ceremony of Samsung, the vice president of the company he has confirmed it will produce a restructuring of prices and this could start to be effective with the next Samsung Galaxy S7.

Rumors suggest therefore that the new member of the Galaxy S series of the South Korean company come with a 10% reduction on the price at which its predecessor was released the Galaxy S6. Thus, it would compete directly against lower-priced rivals.


Photo camera

According to recent reports, the Galaxy S7 would have a 12 megapixel camera with ½ inch sensor size . Data that caught even stronger after it has been known that Samsung has registered the brand new sensor under the name BRITECELL.

Therefore, S7 camera will have a resolution of 12 megapixels, somewhat lower than the 16 megapixel Galaxy S6 but nevertheless have a sensor larger and brighter, will be able to capture more light, more pixels will large and therefore provide higher quality pictures.


Support LTE Cat 12

As we have already heard several times the new S7 Galaxy could come in several versions with different processors. One of these versions would have one of the chipset of the most widely spoken lately is none other than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

A processor that aspires to be one of the best on the market next year and which among other things will stand out for your modem, as it will support LTE Cat 12. Thus the new Samsung Galaxy S7 became the first smartphone in the world to offer this feature and ensure high speeds.

However, until Samsung not confirm these data, no choice but to continue waiting for the Galaxy S7 is officially presented. Something which is expected to be sometime in the next month of February 2016.