Revolution in mobility – free your workforce


Mobile technology has changed where, when and how we work. Have you given people the necessary tools to work smarter rather than just work hard?

When launched for the first time, the portable changed everything. After computers began to be thinner, lighter and increased connectivity options and made to work out distance easier than ever. And now we are at the next stage of technology in business.

Mobile technology is giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to avoid heavy or cumbersome accessories and equipment, instead, work with mobile devices. For example, 60% of users prefer to check email on a mobile device instead of a laptop, while 28% prefer to continue using their own computers for teleconferences.

The transition from the rigid office mobility at work is a job that is in process for many companies and this is what users are struggling. 65% experience difficulty transferring the content to their phones, and 68% find it easier to access your most important files on a computer. Users feel a real disconnect when switching between devices, rather than enjoy a seamless experience; 63% of people struggle with the differences in the experience of using one device to another.

Regardless of the problems and benefits of mobile working, this trend is being carried out with and without the control of employers. Many employees are bringing their own devices to work, which is proving to be a double-edged sword.

Personal devices are often and far more powerful than their counterparts in business. While employees gain the benefit of improved technology, it’s almost more difficult to regulate and ensure their safety. Safety is a major concern for many entrepreneurs and want to keep your data safe.


So we would describe the Elite x3.

  • It is connected to your office, so there are no problems when transferring data.
  • Access to files is the same as from your laptop or desktop.
  • Experience on a PC and an Elite x3 is essentially the same.
  • Windows Continuum, even the experience of the operating system is the same.