Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com
Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

As we are used to the classic rivalry between families, such as the war between the Montagues and Capulets in Romeo and Juliet or the War of the Roses between the houses of York and Lancaster to the throne of England, there are also clashes between large known brands internationally. This struggle between brands has managed to divide cities and even global views regarding a particular product. Here we review several of the historic enmities that still generate debate  day  today and it will surely generate until the end of time.


Adidas vs Puma

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

The rivalry between these two brands of shoes sport is more than a simple market competition, as it arises from the fight between their respective creators: the German brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler. Together they formed part of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, footwear used by Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, but fate separated and led to the creation of the two companies. There are countless versions of the reason for the fight, which include bed and tangled relations with Nazism, but since this happened, both Herzogenaurach, the city where they lived, like the rest of the world was divided between those.




McDonalds vs Burger King

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.comThe competition between these two companies has existed since about the 50s, when both companies were already established in the market with a line of products that require constant updating to capture the public. So much so, that in 1968 launched the McDonalds & Big Mac in response to Burger King Whopper, similar strategy occurred with nuggets and breakfast menu. Since 1982 the tug of war has intensified after an advertisement in which the latter stood Whopper preference on products of its main competitor, bringing the dispute to court for unfair competition and false advertising.




Coca Cola vs Pepsi

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.comOne of the most famous rivalries in the world is that of these colas. This eternal war dating from the early twentieth century, as the secret recipe for Coca-Cola was created in 1886 by John S. Pemberton in a pharmacy in Atlanta, USA, while Pepsi was born twelve years after the hand pharmacist Caleb Bradham in the US city of New Bern. Advertising skills, products and even the renowned “Pepsi Challenge” have made throughout history their confrontation is one of the highlights.




Visa vs Mastercard

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

The struggle between brands also affects the world of credit cards and debit cards, where they do lead the market in constant competition. Both share similar stories, such as being born in the 70s and under a different name you know, as was formerly Bank Americard Visa and Mastercard was called Master Change. While American Express also comes into the power play cards, the first two presence and worldwide recognition dispute. This shock is also present at sporting events, as the sponsor of dispute skills continuous.




Energizer vs. Duracell

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

The historic rivalry between brands also in the world of batteries and flashlights, and in this case faces Energizer and Duracell. This eternal battle that began in the early twentieth century, had its moment of greatest tension when in a television ad for Duracell introduced his already recognized pink rabbit that became its icon from the ’80s. The problem arose when in 1989, Energizer launched a campaign in the US with almost identical to that of its competition mascot, making it impossible to patent his pink bunny Duracell there.




Christie’s vs Sotheby’s

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

And as in all economic sectors must be fighting ends, the world of art auctions and collectibles also adds to this list. Both were founded in London in 1700 with just twenty years apart, and while Sotheby’s was dedicated initially to books and libraries, quickly opened to the world of fine arts, establishing direct competition with Christie’s. Beyond the emerging Chinese auction houses and allegations of market sharing, the two British companies remain competitive internationally.




Apple vs Samsung

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

In the field of high-end mobile phone is a constant rivalry between the creation of Steve Jobs Android device and Samsung Electronics, and this includes aspects such as design and display technology. The fierce competition between the two brands has even had several shot chapters in court, where the return for patent infringements and useful technology has left Apple product with the most victories. However, neither side surrenders and current (when this article was published) in the market battle between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.




BMW vs Mercedes-Benz

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.comThe automotive sector gives us several clashes between them, these two great brands of high-end automobiles original German. Mercedes-Benz is globally recognized as the creator of the first gasoline vehicle (in 1885), but BMW quickly installed in the market, and half of the twentieth century there was already intense commercial battle. Once BMW managed to avoid bankruptcy, competition was increasing, and today we see in the streets what the answer any of them to the launch of a new product from its historical adversary par.




Canon vs Nikon

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

The reign of photography has historically disputed between the two Japanese brands. Canon launched its first camera in 1934, after investigating the sector and with the purpose of selling quality products at affordable prices. Meanwhile, Nikon optical destined products to the Japanese, to return to the ring and settle as Canon competition once the Second World War. Since then, they have developed cameras for both beginners and professionals, and both brands continue to this day working tirelessly to present a refurbished product, higher technology, definition and design.




Nintendo vs Sony PlayStation

Rivals: 15 brands that live fighting each other - tinoshare.com

When it comes to home entertainment, or even also the way to work or university, you can choose between these two options, you just take an intense rivalry for years. In fact, Nintendo was the undisputed leader until the day Sony released PlayStation (PS). Among the highlights in this competition the release of Final Fantasy, a game that took PS leadership and forced Nintendo to develop a device with more memory capacity, thereby generating competition by providing technology and design is the playful moments of its members.