Relax in one and the same country can cost quite differently depending on which season – high or low. There is the notion that in low season proper rest – There will be rainy and cold, but this is not always the case. Lowest prices – in November and December, if the trip ends before the New Year. In May, the season is just beginning. Mediterranean has not warmed.By European standards, it can only swim walruses. In fact, the water temperature is approximately the same as in the Baltic Sea in July. Therefore, not only hardened Russian, but the Finns and Scandinavians are ready to plunge into the cool waves and still get the opportunity to live at the higher class. Tour operators have already opened charter programs, and if you buy a tour from 15 to 25 May, instead of flying a regular flight, you can save a substantial amount. Moreover, after the May holidays, the flow of Russian tourists drops dramatically, and many hotels both abroad and in Russia, are ready to reduce prices.

A similar situation occurs in late October and in November, when the last tour operators send charters. They ply virtually empty, and let fly very cheaply. For example, rest in Montenegro 3-4 at night can cost just 150 euros, including flights, accommodation and even food. However, the track is an inexpensive charter is not easy, you need to constantly view the offers of travel agencies. In December, prices are falling, too, if the tour ends before the Catholic Christmas. Too few people are willing to take a vacation in this period, so the discounts on vacation can be substantial. Time to relax deeply unpopular – companies are closing financial statements summarize the year and prepare for the New Year holidays.During this period you can afford a trip to the exotic island is almost the price of the tour to Egypt.

But on holidays tours Expensive is not less than twice. At such times, the tour operators get their main income. Prices always go up during children’s holidays, so the vacation with children it is advisable to plan ahead. Save in case of early booking will not work, but there is a chance to book a good hotel until it was bought up other parents. In addition to the holidays, expensive month for the holiday is August. And forget about the last-minute trips for the holidays – a myth that has come up specifically for marketers gullible tourists.


Significant savings also allows independent book. Optimal tour easiest to choose without prompting travel agents. Modern services such as Level.Travel, provide tourists with all the necessary tools used by professionals of the tourist market.



Significant savings in the organization, you can rest on the flight. Cheap Flights charters are always much cheaper regular flights. However, commercially available seats on charter flights, as a rule, does not happen, because the flights are usually scheduled for specific rounds. Some tourists even acquire special tour exclusively for chartered flights. Batch vacation, which, in addition to the airline tickets, also includes transfers, accommodation and meals, can be much cheaper tickets for regular flight. Similarly, travelers fly primarily in Asian countries – Vietnam, Thailand. But there are some great offers for Europe – such countries as Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria. The cost of the charter flight time does not change, so you can always choose the most convenient flight. However, the departure time can suffer – it is a problem of all charters.


All tourists are divided into two broad categories – those who like to vacation on an “all inclusive” when you can eat all you want, and free alcohol flows like water almost the day and night. The second group – those who do not want all the days of vacation to sit in the hotel and watch the other travelers, and is going around the neighborhood, or even use your room only as a place for the night. Choosing to join a group of tourists, is to find out whether there is some cultural and club life nearby. Otherwise, you can pay for All Inclusive, and then suddenly find out that in the neighboring restaurants and bars such interesting menu that is simply impossible to refuse. However, if most of the hotels only offers “all inclusive” – ​​probably eat outside will still be nowhere. However, this is not the only factor.

For example, if you go to Turkey a big company or a family, the All Inclusive in this case is a must: food is much cheaper at a sufficiently high quality. You do not have problems with children who want the juice, the ice – all you can free to take all day. Also alcohol, which in Turkey is quite expensive: the price of a bottle of beer at a party can be up to $ 25, while the number of All Inclusive approaches the bar without limit. In the resort, where the party will be satisfied only in hotels, it should be noted that for a trip to the nearest town center will have to spend even a taxi – from $ 20 to $ 100. But in places where full of entertainment such as Marmaris, it makes sense to take the Youth Hotel 2 * -3 * – only with breakfast or breakfast and dinner. This European resort town is where to walk, what to see and, more importantly, the opportunity to eat at the many varied restaurants and bars.

In Egypt All Inclusive needs not everywhere. Taxis are cheap, the food in the cafe is also inexpensive. Moreover, if there is no desire to drink alcohol, you can find a very low fish restaurants for Muslims. An exception to the rule is the family regions: Makadi Bay, Marsa Alam and Taba. Local hotels may be located a substantial distance from any civilization.

In Cyprus hotels need only breakfast. In any region of the island of Aphrodite of cafés, restaurants and shops. The resort places for lunch and dinner every day in the new institutions. When booking the tour also it makes sense to choose self-catering apartments.They cost about three times cheaper rooms at the hotel, but the suit, but only fans prepare meals from fresh ingredients purchased at local markets. On average, cooking dinner for four will cost 20 euros.


For families with children it is most advantageous to choose massive trends – such as Turkey or Egypt. The price for a family of three people with one child is almost equal to the cost of travel of two adults. But the choice of hotel should be approached carefully. Both parents and children will feel comfortable in the family-run hotel, which is trying to attract regular visitors for years to come and for the sake of working on the image. When choosing a place of residence should pay attention to the territory and animation. Most preferred to go to a 4 * hotel with a large territory and fun for children than to pay for a luxury 5 * SPA-complex, where the result can be very boring. This ride with the children in Asia, by contrast, is unprofitable – a ticket for an adult and a child is about the same.

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