The primary responsibility of the Russian robotics and automated production technology developed third-generation robots will have certain human skills and be invisible to radio-electronic intelligence services.

The United Construction Corporation Appliance (OPK, by its Russian acronym) has announced  the start of the process of developing the technologies that will be the basis of a third generation of robots that will have human abilities.

The new devices will be able to orient themselves in space without the help of an operator or signals from GPS or GLONASS. They may also choose the path of travel, distinguish objects of a video image, reconnoiter, create 3D maps and cooperate with other complex robotic drones.

While robots will be invisible to radio-electronic intelligence services and detection devices with minimum levels of radiation.

“The main difference between the existing robots and third generation is intellectuality of the past and its ability to act without the participation of men,” said Alexander Kalinin, director of the Department of Innovation and Development of the OPK.

It is assumed that the new robots can replace humans in the exploration and control of the territories, monitoring private and public spaces, cargo transportation, information collection and creation of cartographic materials.

The OPK is part of the state corporation Rostej and is a leading manufacturer of automated and robotic production for the Russian Armed Forces.