Russia – The Unbeatable Country with the Highest IQ | The Genius of the Genius

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping toast with vodka during a signing ceremony on May 21, 2014 in Shanghai, China. Russia and China signed a thirty-year contract for supply of gas. (Photo by Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images)

Russia – The country of possibilities. For many of you, these images might be shocking, besides, this is a true images from Russia. It is true that Russians always find a quick and easy way of solutions in any concern or any issue. It is the country of Freedom. Do whatever you want and no one cares of it. Besides, the images you will see now is not only funny, but will make you be inspired.

I Just broke up with my ex.

If you don’t have the right instrument, then use anything you want. Just finish the job quickly!

We learn from mistakes. But this is not a mistake. I just confused.

I paid my money for this car so it has to deserve for what I have paid for it.

I do it everywhere I want. Got it?

So what?..Wait.. So what?.. Tell me what? This is beautiful for me. So what?

Next time don’t park here bro, ok? Cheers!

Who cares?! This happens daily in Russia. Enjoy life brother!

Never say I don’t have space alright. Beside, Let’s drink 5 bottles of vodka, then we will reach there faster. Trust me, I m Russian!

Earthquake in Russia is friendly

Sorry bro, I though this is my road. Do you wanna drink? I got vodka

Snow, what are you doing here?

Microwave will make your home more warmer. This is Russia Dude

Yes we are a printing shop, but just in case, we sell CDs, chocolate, lighter, vodka, magazine, snacks, popcorn, etc. We are just like Google so we have anything.

I don’t remember if they told me to close this way? Who cares. I m Russian


Just jump and sit. So what?

This road is mine. Tell the airplanes to use the other road

My idea is better than anyone might have. Respect ok?

I will make more money. haha, So smart I am

I don’t Trust Russians. They are hackers

This happens only in Russia bro. Don’t care it

I want to become an Architecture so this is just one of my simplest project

I have a better number.

I am Vladimir Puttin’s sister’s brother’s uncle’s daughter’s sister’s nephew’s nephew grandmother. You have something to say huh?

Whaaat? You guys kidding with me? here I am

This is just a 3d Image in Russia. (shh for us it is 3D but not for you)

Dude, I dont have money so the season for this is gone. Let me make use of it again in this season. Wooopaaa

Why should I think of an Idea when I can simply copy it?

Who cares

Only Russian Knows what is this

I do it everywhere I want, got it bro?

Exercise, Gym all together in one place.

Dude, I need it in my house, help me to carry this. Sorry police station for this incident.

Why you are throwing it away? I can still make use of it

what was that?

Let me know if my wive comes. I will just drink a little bit.

I am smart. I wonder where to get a material for the room and I just got in on the high way.

We know how to make extra money dude

No Space? Don’t worry, I have a better idea!

Didn’t have money to by table , so what?