Salaries for Nurses in Europe | Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and others


Studying nursing is a career that has a lot of projection and demand in European countries. The reason that in this continent the nurses are in high demand due to the lack of professionals in this area.

We know that in European countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland and others, nurses earn decent wages that allow them to cover family expenses. The salary of nurses in Europe is accounted by working hours and the amount will depend on the experience and professional level. Here we show a comparison of nursing salaries in Europe.

Nursing in Spain

Practice nursing in Spain represents a good job option. If we focus directly on the salary earned by a nurse in Spain, the average is approximately 2300 euros per month.

I mean, a nurse who works about 45 hours a week and earn an average of 13 and 13.50 euros per hour. We must point out that this average salary is an overall average. There are nurses who earn more than 2,600 euros per month with overtime and days of guard.


Nursing in Italy

Nurses are in high demand in Italy. The average salary of these professionals amounts to 2,500 euros per month including bill discounts. As in most continental European countries, payment is counted by hours.

The hourly rate ranges between 14 and 14.50 euros and the average hours per week is 45. d is imperative that nurses have a professional degree and also fluent in Italian.


Nursing in Germany

Germany is one of the countries with a large deficit of nursing assistants because most of the specialized schools were race issue be closed. It is for this reason that this country needs to cover its demand for nurses with professionals from other countries.

The average salary of nurses in this country is about 2200 euros per month. 45 hours per week. You work and hourly is between 12 and 13 euros.


Nursing in Netherlands

Holland is one of the European countries where it is required to meet the demand of specialists in nursing professionals from other Overseas countries. The average salary of a nurse in the Netherlands is about 2000 euros per month.

The average weekly working hours is 40, a smaller number compared to other European countries. However the hourly rate is between 13 and 14 euros. This comparison is nursing salaries it is based on overall averages of professionals who have completed nursing career.

However it must be stated that the salary also depends on other factors such as work experience, if you work for a clinic, a regional hospital and the time it takes professional in the European country where he works.


You can check the official salary list that been prepared by the FEDERATION EUROPEENNE DES MEDECINS SALARIES EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF SALARIED DOCTORS, and it is reachable at

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