Sales of electric cars in Europe are still outstanding but only 6 countries

Sales of electric cars in Europe are still outstanding but only 6 countries -
Sales of electric cars in Europe are still outstanding but only 6 countries -

The trend seems to be consolidating and sales of plug-in electric cars in Europe are excelling. For total, they have increased 53% over 2014 , and if you count the last quarter, this data increases to 78%. Positive is also that more countries have joined this trend by electric mobility.

If we limit ourselves to the European Union, they have been sold in the first six months 27,575 cars plug. Of these registrations, 24,737 are only 6 countries, which includes France, Holland, Germany (enrollment increases considerably) and we could call new guests, UK, Sweden and to a lesser extent Belgium.

All these countries over a thousand cars plug deliveries. As you can see in the chart below you will see the publication by European Automotive Manufacturers Association (ACEA), Spain ranks tenth on the list with 382 registrations . This year we noticed some disincentives for the electric car industry in our country, in part by the classic delay in publication of the aid, and the figures tell us that this has been noted.

Acea Electric Car Sales 2015

However, we stand alongside countries such as Portugal and Austria (whose share for electric is greater) and in the wake of Italy, where they have sold nearly 600 Thunderstorms moved by engines.

The statistics at European level has improved largely thanks to UK , which together with France has become this year ‘s most important market for electric cars . Of course, we are not counting so far two countries, or should we say universes, such as Norway and Switzerland . Among both added more than 10,000 units plug more.

Renault Zoe Montana

What is most remarkable, especially by looking at the UK, is that the proliferation of sales of electric cars does not seem to pose great secrets : enhanced infrastructure charging (especially fast), grants and updated daily by authorities and manufacturers, open information and support, and some other restrictions for more polluting cars in the capital.



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