Samsung and LG Chem batteries provide power to the next SUV Audi -
Samsung and LG Chem batteries provide power to the next SUV Audi -

Audi continues to close some fringes of its electric SUV project with, in theory, more than 500 kilometers of exclusively electric range, presumably Audi Q6. The German automaker has already finalized what its partners will be when venturing into one of the crucial aspects, but most of propulsion technology that mounts the vehicle. We speak of their batteries, which will have working together in LG Chem and Samsung.

The two Korean companies are highly involved in the development of electric mobility, selling its battery technology to many manufacturers today are putting on the market plug-in electric cars. For the Audi model, we can see in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show .

Their marketing is raised for 2018 and comes with some delay to competition by Tesla Model X, as seems to want to be seen. With respect to the model, we have a series of data that will classify most to least in terms of security of occurrence, starting with the fact that Samsung and LG Chem batteries are pointing the SUV will be European production.

Suv Audi Prototype Electric Samsung and LG Chem batteries provide power to the next SUV Audi -

Similarly, although we say that Audi did not confirm that it is 100% electric SUV and could present a combined engine, the prototype is labeled C-BEV in the project folder of the Germans. Less data are confirmable power and energy capacity that currently moving from 500 hp and 90 kWh.

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