The arrival of the latest model in the Galaxy S family of Samsung is unleashing great interest even though there are still a few months to be officially presented by the South Korean company, but this does not mean that either many rumors about their specifications and any developments with which will next Galaxy S7.


It seems that in addition to technology Super AMOLED, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7 count on your screen with new features that make it even more interesting to the new terminal. After the iPhone 6s came with your 3D Touch, Samsung also have everything ready to display new S7 is sensitive to pressure to facilitate the addition of new functions associated with some effects such as scrolling, zooming or even the method shutter speed of the camera including through technology ClearForce.

Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 -
Revealed much of the news of Samsung Galaxy S7 –

In addition, there are indications that the new component of the Galaxy S series with a screen count of about 5.8 inch UHD and curved, following the trend of the latest models of the company..



While it is no secret that Samsung would be testing their new processor Exynos M1 8890, which would have every chance that he might be responsible for promoting the Galaxy S7, we learned that the Samsung smartphone could reach in three different versions with different processors .

Samsung Galaxy S7: Meet its possible developments according to leaks -

So, for now it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be driven by the chipset Exynos 7422 market of India, while the terminals to land in Korea, Japan and Europe count within the Exynos 8890 and would the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 which would throw terminals China and the United States.


USB Type C

Finally, it seems that Samsung leave the microUSB in their next terminal and like some of its competitors, the new Galaxy S7 would have the new USB Type C. Its advantages are evident as well as providing a data transfer much faster, is reversible, you can make the terminals load faster and above all that this function goes both ways. This means that our terminal can load other computers that are running out of battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Meet its possible developments according to leaks -


Already seen some renderings of the next Galaxy S7 and according to these prototypes, the new terminal of Samsung would have curved screen but with trapezoidal aspect, a curious form that has been seen recently in a patent Samsung.

This would mean that Samsung is turning the design of the Edge screens and therefore the curved sides would be located at the top and bottom of the terminal. Where certain controls could be added as the notification area in the top and the media controls at the bottom, for instance.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Meet its possible developments according to leaks -

For now nothing is confirmed by the company, so no choice but to continue waiting for a ruling official about it so. What do you think of the new terminal?. Do you think that eventually will be similar to that design you can see in the renderings?.