Samsung Pay works well, the mobile payment system

Samsung Pay works well, the mobile payment system -
Samsung Pay works well, the mobile payment system -

With the introduction of its new Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung did not want to miss the chance to talk about their mobile payment system,  Pay Samsung,  already present in the MWC this year.

After the partnership with MasterCard and VISA,  Samsung is ready to go to the market. It seems that in Europe we have to wait some more, but the American market and South Korea seem to be the first witnesses of the new mobile payment system from Samsung.

With the introduction of its latest mobile devices, the Galaxy Note 5 to the Galaxy S6 Edge +, it seems that Samsung has decided to include its system and technology to pay for the mobile standard. That is, the MST technology (Secure Magnetic Trnasmission) supports payment terminals (POS).

Thus, thanks to Samsung Pay you can pay with the terminal. After seeing a demo that Samsung itself has shown the European press, the truth is that the simplicity of the system, and above all, security ensures that the Korean brand, make credible that may soon pay in any market without needing physical cards, credit or money.

The Samsung mobile payment system is to store your credit card on the phone, via an app to configure it the first time and is then only necessary to bring the smartphone to a POS to pay with it, and giving credit to purchase through fingerprint.

In short, in the purchase process involving the MST technology, also supports NFC, protection KNOX suite and payment security with fingerprint authentication.

However,  at this stage of the year,  Samsung Pay is not new,  since it has already been presented for months and have to compete with other options such as apple pay.  But it is news the inclusion as standard on all terminals that the Korean automaker is launching (high end of time),  as demonstrated in his time with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and now with the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge +. We’ll have to see when the technology actually available in markets and shops.