Samsung Seems to Be Mocking on Apple with This Incredible Ad | Advertisement Which is Perfect and At the Same Time Calls War

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Samsung as fastest growing Device is now taking place of 1st in Androing  OS in the world. Ideas are getting better and advertisements are getting more better. We have seen already many amazing advertisement from Samsung and now, we are going to witness  a new advertisements which describes a beating action of the Apple’s products.


The Samsung’s Samey Marketing Team – specially consigned on the effective and genuine advertisement is back with another ad for the new devices of Samsung products , the S6 and S6 Edge. You will find on the latest ad where Samsung is literally trying to beat the Apple Products and making the apple fans angry.


“How long Should I keep untangling for just a little taste of power?” – Samsung refers to with this word to iPhone owners who are in struggle with messy cables while Samsung again answers back “You can keep Plugging away , or you can change the way you charge.” Here you go now and see the ad that I was talking about.

Indeed, this is the genius idea of making a wireless charger as many of probably tired of looking for a wires and carrying it with us. Well, I guess this is another great business and marketing for the restaurant and shops if they promote as “Now you may have your lunch and at the same time charge your phone up. TikiTaka.”


Besides, I truly wanna say that Samsung is now a fewer step ahead than any other mobile companies are and I believe soon enough people will jump to Samsung Devices as in the future we are looking forward to see a new technology that makes our life easier. I m not talking about making more mobile phones and keep distance a human talking or relationship, but just in a technology point of view.


Hope you guys enjoyed this article and please let us know what do you think of this ad and the wireless charger.


For those who are interested and wants to get more info, please watch the videos below and I m sure the ad deserves its actions :) galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products galaxy products