Samsung Shows How to Double The Battery Life Based on Graphene -
Samsung Shows How to Double The Battery Life Based on Graphene -

A team from the Institute of Advanced Technology Samsung (SAIT) has published this week its new solution for lithium ion batteries in which the long-awaited graphene has a leading role. According to the researchers, the development achieved double the autonomy of the lithium ions.

Although it is an application that the manufacturer intends to materialize in the mobile phone industry in the next three years, it is undeniable that their benefits could eventually automotive, and would allow rubbing his goal of 250 Wh / kg energy density 2020 raised.

Clearly, much work remains to be done, but this application with graphene is a significant advance. By using that Samsung has given the graphene, the batteries fail in their first life cycle 242 Wh / kg, and169.6 Wh / kg in the first 20 .

Samsung Shows How to Double The Battery Life Based on Graphene -

We will try to explain what progress, which is none other than the direct application of graphene in the anode on the surface of silicon while avoiding the formation of silicon carbide (SiC). It has been achieved by a specific chemical process called chemical vapor deposition (or CVD, according to its Anglo-Saxon acronym). After this, the volumetric capacity of the graphene nanoparticles and silicon is increased, and thus occurs the same with the battery performance.

As we say, the question now is how and when Samsung plans to apply this development to the automotive industry, and specifically to electric mobility, after their arrival in the mobile technology almost for granted.


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