Samsung | Sleep & Rest better with your SleepSense

Samsung | Sleep & Rest better with your SleepSense -
Samsung | Sleep & Rest better with your SleepSense -

Sleeping is a fundamental activity for humans. Not only because you have to rest, but because it seems that the processes that makes,  what we learn is fixed in our brains depend on those hours of rest. And that’s about all we know for sure there are many more functions that are performed when we finish counting sheep until we wake up. Samsung has presented today at the IFA the SleepSense, a new device for measuring the quality of our sleep and help us improve.

The SleepSense placed under our mattress, so it does not interfere at all in our sleep or our comfort. Samsung claim that their accuracy reaches 97%. The sensor works in real time, and record sleep patterns and offers all kinds of information about our break with the mobile application SleepSense.

And what kind of data recorded?  SleepSense analyzes the heart rate and respiration, along with the movements of the user while sleeping, every morning so the user gets a personalized summary of dream, in which the activity is collected during sleep, with the “score” sleep achieved before the media data corresponding to those of the user’s age.

SleepSense, Scoring our dream to sleep better

Sleep score is calculated based on seven elements : total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time required to fall asleep, number of times the user and number of times out of bed wakes up, percentage of time in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and percentage of time in deep sleep.

Furthermore the application offers recommendations on how to improve sleep based on individual score, based on the recommendation of sleep expert and professor at Harvard Medical School Christos Mantzoros . The tips also include both lifestyle such as diet and exercise.

Intelligent control of other devices while you sleep

Would you like to turn off the air conditioning once you’ve slept and automatically? With SleepSense connectivity with other Samsung smart devices you can, turn off the television as if you fall asleep and thus help you get better sleep. The sensor also has connectivity with Samsung Smart Things, which can control other devices such as thermostats, security cameras or lights.

Samsung | Sleep & Rest better with your SleepSense -

Wake up at the peak of your sleep cycle

It seems that Samsung SleepSense saved another ace up his sleeve, and is none other than waking up in the time of your sleep cycle within a predetermined range . So you will rise better and better mood in the morning, which I checked with quantifying bracelet and I have to say it really makes you feel better when you wake and I would almost say that throughout the day.

Another feature is the ability to send an email to see how he slept a family member with the “family care” option.