Samsung SSD 16 TB: the world’s largest hard drive

Samsung SSD 16 TB: the world's largest hard drive -
Samsung SSD 16 TB: the world's largest hard drive -

Samsung has just unveiled the world’s largest hard drive, nothing less than a SSD of 16 TB storage capacity in just 2.5 inches, during the Flash Memory Summit being held these days in California.

Samsung shows the future, or rather the present, passing through the solid-state hard drives (SSD). Hours before the presentation of the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has surprised all and sundry with the announcement of a SSD of 16 TB, in practice, becomes the highest capacity hard drive in the world.

So far the larger hard drives were traditional (HDD) and barely reached the 10 TB of storage. However, Samsung has taken a blow on the table with the new 256Gbit NAND flash, which doubles in capacity from those presented last year, and definitely says goodbye to the magnetic platters.

Specifically, the hard drive 16 TB Samsung uses about 500 Nands of 256Gbit to reach a real capacity of 15.36 TB. The hard drive, dubbed PM1633a , will be sold at the enterprise level in a compact 2.5-inch form, so it can be adapted for almost any device.

Samsung has boasted in the Flash Memory Summit with new SSD hard drive 16 TB, the world’s largest , to 48 units installed on a server for a total capacity of nearly 768 TB and yield of 2 million IOPS , whereas a conventional PC suffers to reach 90,000.

The announcement of the 16 TB SSD from Samsung, the largest capacity hard drive in the world , reflecting the progress of SSDs over HDDs. While, yes, yet the price of this PM1633a unit, most likely unknown exceed 6,000 euros on the market.